On Monday, Fisker, declared that it had spent less money than anticipated in 2022. Moreover, it announced that it is still on track to begin deliveries of its Ocean SUV in the upcoming spring and to manufacture more than 40,000 vehicles in 2023. Consequently, Fisker’s shares experienced a surge of over 30% on Monday, signifying a positive response to the company’s latest report.

Fisker stated that, so far, 56 Oceans have been assembled at Magna International's manufacturing partner's contract-manufacturing facility situated in Austria. 15 of those vehicles were completed before the end of the year and are now being used for testing purposes by Fisker and Magna. Both companies are refining the manufacturing process, testing additional features, and working through regulatory approval processes in the U.S., Canada, and Europe.

Fisker also announced that it had made progress on its upcoming second model, a lower-cost small EV called the Pear, and that it is still on track to go into production next.

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