A charging partnership with Cummins and Heliox

A charging partnership with Cummins and Heliox

Cummins Inc. and Heliox have entered into a partnership to offer EV chargers in North America, a significant move towards providing electric vehicle charging solutions for diverse markets and customers. The agreement introduces two charger models: the Mobile 50, a portable 50 kW DC charger that can be plugged into compatible power sources, and the Flex 180, a stationary 180 kW DC charging system capable of static, sequential, and dynamic charging with up to three dispensers. These solutions aim to support fleet customers in their transition to battery electric vehicles and help reduce infrastructure costs.

Cummins, known for its innovative partnerships, sees this collaboration as another step towards its Destination Zero initiative and commitment to serving customers who rely on battery electric technology. Heliox, on the other hand, is eager to contribute to Cummins' efforts in providing electric vehicle charging solutions and believes that charging infrastructure is a crucial aspect of adopting electrified technology. The partnership aligns with Cummins' Planet 2050 Strategy and its recent launch of Accelera, which aims to bring zero emissions solutions to the market more efficiently.

Both the Mobile 50 and Flex 180 chargers are available through Cummins' distribution network in North America, with Cummins Sales and Service offering reliable repairs and maintenance for EV chargers across their service locations throughout the region. This collaboration reinforces the shared commitment of Cummins and Heliox to support customers in their transition to zero emissions and underscores the importance of charging infrastructure in the adoption of electric vehicles.

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