Infrastructure is a critical piece to the mass adoption of EVs and we often hear about challenges related to EV charging.  California wants accountability. The California Energy Commission plans to set rules on the reliability and availability of public EV charging stations and to hold charging companies accountable for charging infrastructure. 

The commission plans to open a public feedback process that will lead to a definition of station "uptime" that does not "allow excessive exclusions" of the sort that can often be used by charging networks. They will no longer rely on the networks' self-reported claims about the uptime and availability of their charging stations. Instead, they will survey multiple data sources and qualitative feedback from the public, like reports of dead charging stations on apps, to assess the reliability and availability of chargers. 

Whether this approach to accountability is the right or wrong approach, we hope that it leads to improvements in infrastructure and the improvement of the EV user’s experience.  Let’s charge ahead.

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