Electric Rolls-Royce

Rolls-Royce's dedication to an uncompromising electric future is exemplified by their groundbreaking creation, Spectre. As the first fully-electric Rolls-Royce ever made, Spectre not only showcases the maturity and success of battery-electric technology but also establishes itself as the epitome of automotive excellence, luxury, and performance. This remarkable achievement marks a pivotal technological and intellectual shift for the esteemed marque, as they commit to a future where their entire product portfolio will be fully electric by 2030, leaving behind internal combustion engines for good.

Spectre's exceptional features and capabilities demonstrate Rolls-Royce's commitment to electric mobility. Its two Separately Excited Synchronous Motors (SSMs) power the vehicle, with the front motor delivering 190kW/365 Nm and the rear motor providing an impressive 360kW/710 Nm. This translates into performance equivalent to a combustion engine boasting 430kW (584 hp) and 900Nm of torque, allowing Spectre to accelerate from 0 to 60mph in a mere 4.4 seconds (0-100km/h in 4.5 seconds). Rolls-Royce's meticulous engagement with clients ensured that Spectre's range of 530km (329 miles) WLTP exceeds their expectations. Charging the vehicle from 10% to 80% is a swift process, requiring just 34 minutes using a high-powered 195 kW (DC) fast charger.

Spectre embodies Rolls-Royce's vision of a connected future with its advanced digital engineering. With triple the number of sender-receiver signals compared to previous models, Spectre stands as the most connected Rolls-Royce to date. Its Decentralised Intelligence software architecture processes data closer to its source, enabling rapid responses to driver inputs and changing road conditions. The Planar Suspension System, an evolution of the system introduced in the Ghost model, enhances Spectre's renowned "magic carpet ride" by seamlessly adjusting suspension components to maintain optimal stability and tracking.

Drawing inspiration from diverse sources such as haute couture, modernist sculpture, and nautical design, Spectre's exterior design exudes elegance and sophistication. Its Pantheon grille, the widest ever fitted on a Rolls-Royce, features illuminated stainless-steel vanes, adding a subtle three-dimensional signature to the car's sleek profile. The Spirit of Ecstasy figurine, specially crafted for Spectre, embodies refined aerodynamics through meticulous design and testing. Inside the vehicle, Spectre offers a wealth of bespoke features, including Starlight Doors with thousands of softly illuminated "stars" and an Illuminated Fascia that surrounds the Spectre nameplate, creating an ethereal and captivating ambiance. The front seat design, inspired by British tailoring, allows for customizable options, providing a personalized touch to the luxurious interior.

Spectre is a testament to Rolls-Royce's resolute commitment to an electric future. With its powerful all-electric drivetrain, impressive range, cutting-edge digital engineering, and exquisite design, Spectre exemplifies the brand's unwavering pursuit of delivering uncompromised luxury and performance in an electric vehicle, setting the stage for an era of sustainable and opulent motoring.

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