First Rimac Nevera

Rimac Automobili has proudly announced the delivery of the first Nevera hypercar to its fortunate owner in the United States, with the momentous occasion being marked by the personal involvement of Rimac's dealer, Manhattan Motorcars, and the Rimac team themselves.

With several other Nevera models already in production or awaiting their production slots for the US market, the all-electric hypercar has rapidly established itself as highly coveted in the United States, solidifying the country's position as the most enthusiastic market for Rimac's groundbreaking and record-breaking vehicle.

The inaugural US-based Rimac Nevera boasts an elegant Gunpowder Gray exterior with a mesmerizing pearlescent finish, complemented by striking Gunmetal Infinitus wheels and sleek gloss black calipers. Inside, the car showcases a lavish Alcantara trim with tasteful green accents, further enhancing the sense of luxury and sophistication.

The commercial director of Bugatti Rimac, Hendrik Malinowski, expressed his admiration for the United States' propensity for embracing automotive innovation, highlighting the enthusiastic response of American buyers who recognized the extraordinary potential of the Nevera during its early development. The first US customer now proudly holds the title of being the inaugural owner and driver of the world's fastest-accelerating road car, an honor well-deserved for their forward-thinking decision.

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