Ford resuming production of F-150 Lightning today.

Ford Motor has announced that it will resume production of its F-150 Lightning today, following a reported battery issue with the vehicle. The Michigan-based automaker previously detected the problem during a quality inspection before delivery and began investigating the cause. The company worked with South Korean battery maker, SK On, to fix the issue, although it did not reveal the specific nature of the problem. Emma Bergg, a Ford spokeswoman, said the company would continue to work with SK On to deliver high-quality battery packs for the vehicle.

Ford is investing heavily in the F-150 Lightning, having recently built a new facility for the vehicle that has already been named the 2023 MotorTrend Truck of the Year. The company aims to bring 600,000 units to market this year, but supply chain challenges, including a global semiconductor chip shortage, continue to disrupt automotive production. Despite these challenges, Ford remains optimistic about the future of the F-150 Lightning and the electric vehicle market as a whole.

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