ID. Buzz with Long Wheelbase

ID. Buzz with Long Wheelbase

Volkswagen's iconic VW bus is making a grand comeback in North America with the world premiere of the ID. Buzz featuring a long wheelbase. This highly anticipated event not only marks a cause for celebration but also establishes a new holiday in the United States, with June 2nd designated as "Volkswagen Bus Day." The European premiere of the long ID. Buzz will follow at the VW Bus Festival in Hanover from June 23 to 25, solidifying its status as a global phenomenon.

The ID. Buzz with a long wheelbase offers a remarkable and spacious interior, setting a new standard for electric vehicles' accommodation. With seating for up to seven people and a generous luggage compartment, this modern-day Samba Bus brings versatility to the forefront. Volkswagen has equipped the ID. Buzz with a high-efficiency drive system, offering an optional 85 kWh battery (net) and a new 210 kW electric drive motor, available for both Europe and North America.

One of the standout features of the ID. Buzz is its newly developed panoramic sunroof, paying homage to the classic Samba Bus of the 1950s. This impressive piece of engineering, the largest glass roof ever produced by Volkswagen, adds to the vehicle's allure. With electronically controlled tinting, occupants can adjust the roof's transparency, creating an open and airy atmosphere inside the vehicle.

The reintroduction of the VW bus to North America, now as an electric rear-wheel-drive vehicle, is a testament to Volkswagen's commitment to reconnecting with its loyal fan base. The decision to unveil the ID. Buzz with long wheelbase at Huntington Beach, a popular surfer hotspot near Los Angeles, as part of the largest VW Bus festival in the USA, underscores the enduring affection for the VW bus in the North American market. The European premiere will take place at the international VW Bus Festival in Hanover, an ideal setting to reintroduce the beloved vehicle to its European fan base.

With its extended wheelbase of 250 mm, the ID. Buzz with long wheelbase offers a significant impact in both North America and Europe. Its ample interior space allows for up to seven seats and a storage capacity of up to 2,469 liters, complemented by the larger 85 kWh battery (net capacity) for an extended range. Additionally, the inclusion of a heat pump enhances efficiency during winter conditions. The ID. Buzz with long wheelbase is poised to captivate enthusiasts on both sides of the Atlantic.

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