Long Island going fully electric.

Long Island going fully electric.

According to a report released by Drive Electric Long Island, a coalition of electric vehicle stakeholders, the number of fully electric cars on Long Island has surpassed that of plug-in hybrids with 61% of EVs on Long Island being fully electric. The report also found that despite Tesla's dominance in the region, with 65% of all EV rebates in 2022, there were 21 brands and over 50 models of electric vehicles sold in Nassau and Suffolk. Experts attribute the growth of EVs on Long Island to expanded charging infrastructure, increased awareness, and continued state and federal incentives.

Electric vehicles are still only a small percentage of all vehicles on the road, with only 1.64% of all registered passenger vehicles being electric on Long Island, and they are more prevalent in affluent North Shore and East End neighborhoods. The top five communities with the highest EV growth are South Jamesport, Lake Success, Kings Point, Albertson, and Great Neck Village, with electric vehicles making up 33% to 18% of all new vehicle registrations. Even at just 1.64% of registrations, Long Island trends in the favor of EV adoption.  For instance, as of December 31, there were 35,426 EVs registered on Long Island.  In February, that number grew to 37,652.  Not bad.  Keep it up Long Island.

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