Porsche & Mobileye

Porsche is teaming up with Mobileye, Intel's autonomous driving subsidiary, to integrate hands-free automated assistance and navigation functions into future sports cars. The collaboration will involve Mobileye's SuperVision technology platform, which enables cars to follow navigation routes, change lanes autonomously, and overtake slower vehicles on multi-lane roads. The system, which uses cameras and radar to perceive the surroundings, allows drivers to remove their hands from the steering wheel on certain types of roads while maintaining visual alertness in case they need to retake control.

This partnership follows the closure of autonomous vehicle tech company Argo AI, in which Volkswagen and Ford had invested, with both companies shifting focus towards the nearer-term profits offered by advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). Volkswagen subsequently expanded its cooperation with Mobileye, and Porsche now plans to fully integrate Mobileye's ADAS into future models, with in-house engineers developing custom systems to monitor driver attention. While no specific timeline or models have been announced, Porsche confirmed that other VW Group brands will have the option to adopt SuperVision as a platform solution.

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