Rivian and Amazon look to tweak agreement.

Rivian and Amazon have reportedly been engaging in discussions with regard to a potential adjustment of the exclusivity clause in their agreement concerning electric delivery vans. A spokeswoman for the EV manufacturer stated that if the exclusivity piece of the agreement were to be eliminated, Rivian would have the freedom to woo new customers while also focusing on the production ramp-up of the company's vans, the R1T, R1S, and the forthcoming R2 model. 

According to Rivian spokeswoman Marina Norville, the company's relationship with Amazon has been and continues to be a positive one, as they work together closely in navigating an ever-evolving economic climate, a challenge that many companies face.

It's worth noting that the deal between Rivian and Amazon was struck in 2019, with the e-commerce behemoth agreeing to purchase 100,000 electric trucks from Rivian. In July of last year, Amazon started delivering packages with the use of these vehicles. Rivian had previously boasted that it had already delivered 10 million packages via the vans. 

We welcome more of these electric vans on the road.

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