Rivian has another addition to its expanding collection of eco-friendly pickup trucks and SUVs. This new version, called the R1S Dual-Motor Max Pack, boasts an impressive 390 miles of driving range, better than the current R1S Large Pack which gets an EPA estimates 321 miles. It achieves this with a combination of a Max Pack battery and dual-motor AWD powertrain that delivers 700 horsepower and can take the SUV from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.5 seconds. The 201-inch long vehicle is equipped with the new in-house-designed Enduro drive unit, promising quick production scalability and lowered costs. Existing customers with preorders will be allowed to modify their orders, but the pricing for this high-end version is likely to start around $90,000.

In other Rivian news, the R1T scored the highest in J.D. Power's latest Electric Vehicle Experience Ownership Study with a score of 794 out of 1,000, beating Tesla's Model 3.

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