A homeowner in Weston Hills Country Club, Florida has been told he can't park his Rivian R1T electric pickup truck in his driveway by his HOA. The HOA cited a rule that "Trucks, trailers, Recreational Vehicles (RVs) and/or commercial vehicles of any kind are not permitted to be parked anywhere in the Association/Community except inside of your garage during overnight hours". The owner of the pickup truck has retained an attorney and it is likely that a lawsuit will be filed. A similar case in 2001 saw a court rule that pickup trucks were now commonly used as personal vehicles and the HOA was ordered to pay the legal fees of the pickup truck owner, who was awarded around $40,000. Some commentators have suggested that the rules shouldn't apply to the Rivian because it isn't a "real truck", but the vehicle is classified as a truck by the EPA.  No wonder HOA’s have such a good reputation. 

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