Tesla Master Plan Part 3

Tesla Master Plan Part 3

The highly anticipated Tesla Master Plan Part 3 has been unveiled, presenting a lengthy 41-page document that offers intriguing insights into the company's future plans. Although we are still awaiting specific information about the "Model 2," this document provides a tantalizing glimpse into Tesla's upcoming offerings.

In particular, the "Batteries for Transportation" section on page 22 divulges some captivating details. Notable highlights include:

  • Compact Vehicle Type: Though the Tesla equivalent is yet to be determined, it is anticipated that this model will feature an LFP Battery with a capacity of 53 kWh.
  • Commercial/Passenger Vans Vehicle Type: Again, while the Tesla equivalent is undetermined, it is expected that this model will be equipped with a High Nickel battery boasting a 100 kWh capacity.
  • Cybertruck: This model is set to feature a High Nickel battery with a capacity of 100 kWh.

When discussing LFP versus High Nickel batteries, Tesla explains that standard-range vehicles are suited for lower energy density chemistries like LFP, while long-range vehicles necessitate higher energy density chemistries like high nickel. The document further clarifies that "High Nickel" refers to low or zero cobalt Nickel Manganese cathodes, which are currently in production, under development by Tesla and its suppliers, or being researched by various groups.

Feel free to share any additional fascinating findings from the Tesla Master Plan Part 3.

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