The BMW 5 series is going fully electric.

Oh, the memories of my dad's first BMW - an Oxford Green e34 525! Just like all his prized possessions, he kept that 525 immaculate; I'm amazed he even allowed us to lay our eyes on it. Over time, his collection grew to include an e28, several e39s, and an F10. Among them all, the legendary e39 always held a special place in his heart.

Now, the 5 series is coming in a fully electric version.  The upcoming eighth generation of the BMW 5 Series Sedan, debuting in just a few months, will feature its first-ever purely electric drive system, the BMW i5. BMW also plans to launch an all-electric M Performance model within the 5 Series Sedan lineup. Furthermore, the popular BMW 5 Series Touring will see an all-electric version in 2024. 

With these offerings, BMW Group continues to expand its all-electric portfolio, catering to customers seeking premium, zero-emission mobility in various market segments.  Should my pops add an electric 5 series to his collection?

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