The EV Charging solution from 7-Eleven.

I look forward to July 11th every year.  Not because it’s the day I finally get over my hangover from celebrating the 4th of July (that's just a joke), but because I get my free Slurpee from 7-Eleven. Now, picture this: sipping on that frosty delight while your EV gets all charged up! 7-Eleven's got a rad new addition – introducing 7Charge, their very own EV charging network and app, zapping its way into select US stores and soon, Canada too! They're on a mission to build one of the biggest and most compatible EV fast-charging networks in North America, and it's already electrifying Florida, Texas, Colorado, and California. The 7Charge network's got your back, compatible with most CHAdeMO or CCS plug types, while the app makes charging and payment a total breeze!

For nearly a century, 7-Eleven's been all about innovating and meeting customers' needs. Now they're charging into the future, addressing the growing demand for EV charging infrastructure by expanding their network, teaming up with third-party fast-charging options, and bringing some electric love to neighborhoods that have been left in the dark. When it's all said and done, 7-Eleven's fast-charging network will span across its entire family of brands, including Speedway® and Stripes® stores, solidifying its rep as a leading retailer in North America. So, grab a Slurpee and let's ride the electric wave together!

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