Wendy's Autonomous System

Wendy's Pipedream

Wendy's has partnered with Pipedream, a hyperlogistics company, to introduce an underground autonomous robot system. Their goal is to revolutionize the delivery of digital food orders, ensuring faster and more convenient pick-up experiences for customers. This partnership highlights Wendy's commitment to innovation and meeting the needs of digitally-oriented customers.

Deepak Ajmani, U.S. Chief Operations Officer of The Wendy's Company, emphasizes the importance of quick and accurate order fulfillment for customer satisfaction. Pipedream's Instant Pickup system is expected to significantly improve the speed and accuracy of mobile order service, ensuring that customers receive hot and fresh Wendy's products consistently.

Pipedream's technology aims to provide fast, reliable, and seamless digital order pick-up. By connecting the Wendy's kitchen to an Instant Pickup portal outside the restaurant, this innovative delivery system offers customers a convenient pick-up option without leaving their vehicles. It also streamlines the digital order pick-up process, enhancing operational efficiency for restaurant staff. Autonomous robots are utilized to transport meals underground and deliver them directly to the car-side Instant Pickup portal. 

Wendy's plans to integrate Pipedream's groundbreaking underground delivery system into one of its existing restaurants later this year.

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