Zoox's Historic Robotaxi Deployment

Zoox has successfully deployed the world's first purpose-built robotaxi with passengers on open public roads, marking an unprecedented feat of engineering and design. The robotaxi, which lacks traditional driving controls, was rigorously tested on private roads and received the green light from the California DMV to operate on public roads.

Zoox's cutting-edge, ground-up design incorporated more than 100 safety innovations, exceeding today's passenger car standards. Additionally, the vehicle is self-certified to comply with the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS), making it the sole purpose-built robotaxi with a DMV permit to operate on California public roads. The milestone is significant for Zoox, as well as the autonomous vehicle industry as a whole, and showcases the company's progress toward a commercialized purpose-built robotaxi service for the general public.

Following its historic first run, Zoox will implement its employee shuttle service, which will be exclusive to all of the company's full-time employees. The robotaxi, capable of accommodating up to four people, will travel up to 35 mph on a public route between Zoox's main office buildings, managing various traffic agents, including traffic lights, pedestrians, and cyclists, among others. With its latest achievement, Zoox is set to continue refining and improving its technology and operations as it prepares for its commercial service launch.

As per the California DMV permit, Zoox's service will initially be exclusive to its employees, with the company seeking further government clearances to expand its service to the general public. 

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