✍️Tesla’s Cybertruck Clause:

✍️Tesla’s Cybertruck Clause: 

We’ll be at the LA Auto Show to bring you the latest on EVs.  Stay tuned for more later this week. 

For now, we cover Rivian purchasing some land, Cybertruck clauses, the Volvo electric MPV, and so much more on EVs. 

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Top 10ish News Stories Powered by EV.Careers 

  1. Tesla introduces a "Cybertruck Only" clause in its purchase agreement, prohibiting buyers from selling the new vehicle within the first year without explicit permission, and may seek legal action or demand liquidated damages if breached, aiming to prevent early resales and cashing in on the limited-release Cybertruck.
  2. Lucid Group introduces RangeXchange, a vehicle-to-vehicle adapter for Lucid Air owners in the U.S., utilizing bi-directional charging technology and proprietary software, allowing Lucid Airs to charge other EVs at a rate of up to 9.6 kW, adding 24 to 40 miles per hour depending on the recipient vehicle's efficiency, with potential future applications such as vehicle-to-home backup power, time-of-use optimization, and vehicle-to-grid power.
  3. Exxon Mobil plans to become a leading lithium producer for electric vehicle batteries by launching a drilling operation in Arkansas, aiming to produce battery-grade lithium by 2027.
  4. Delivering its first electric vehicles in Oklahoma, Canoo marks the beginning of phased-ramp manufacturing in the state, shipping Lifestyle Delivery Vehicle models to key customers and partners in 2023, with plans to create over 1,300 jobs.
  5. In a significant move, Rivian has closed a major land deal in Georgia, acquiring 1,800 acres for a $5 billion electric vehicle manufacturing facility, signaling the company's commitment to expanding production capacity.
  6. Polestar showcased its range of future models, including Polestar 3, Polestar 4, Polestar 5, Polestar Precept, the Polestar Electric Roadster Concept, and Polestar Synergy at its inaugural Polestar Day in Los Angeles.
  7. Volkswagen plans to introduce an electric vehicle priced below $35,000 in the U.S. within the next 3-4 years.
  8. Volvo introduced the EM90, its fully electric premium MPV, targeting the multi-purpose vehicle segment, starting with the Chinese market.
  9. Diversifying its manufacturing footprint, Polestar will produce the Polestar 4 in Hangzhou Bay, China, and Busan, South Korea, starting in the second half of 2025 through an agreement with Geely Holding and Renault Korea Motors.
  10. Canoo Technologies introduces the American Bulldog, a highly engineered vehicle derived from the Screaming Eagle, emphasizing minimalism, maximum functionality, and American innovation, with a honeycomb design and advanced technologies for a unique form and function.

The United States and Indonesia are set to discuss a potential minerals partnership, focusing on the electric vehicle battery metal nickel.

My Take on the Cybertruck Clause

 One part of my perspective firmly believes that individuals should have the freedom to do as they please with their purchased items, including the option to resell or "flip" them.

On the flip side, another part of me reflects on the history of coveted cars, observing a common outcome: they either become pristine garage fixtures or end up on platforms like Bring A Trailer, fetching a premium price. This trend has been evident with renowned brands like Porsche, Chevrolet, and Ford.

If the intention behind acquiring these vehicles is to encourage their use on the road rather than hoarding or reselling them for profit, I wholeheartedly support that idea. As a passionate car enthusiast, witnessing iconic cars and trucks cruising the streets brings me immense joy, and I believe the Cybertruck has the potential to be one of those unforgettable vehicles. If you don't share this perspective, feel free to reach out via email, and I'd be more than willing to take your spot in line.

Electric VW 


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