⚕️How Electric Vehicles Can Save Lives...

⚕️How Electric Vehicles Can Save Lives...

⚕️How Electric Vehicles Can Save Lives...

How about our experience picking up a Riviani R1S and a surge of electrifying news? A study reveals the respiratory benefits of electric vehicles. Volkswagen is gearing up to launch a new electric SUV and Golf EV. Honda is offering a sneak peek at its first electric SUV set to hit the streets in 2024. Meanwhile, Rivian shares its Q3 production numbers. This and so much more. Just scroll.

“All of those cars were once just a dream in somebody’s head.”

-Peter Gabriel

Rivian Arrival Day

I went with a family member to pick up their Rivian R1S this past weekend. Let’s just say, it didn't live up to expectations.

Read about our adventure here.

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Top 10 News Stories

  1. Groundbreaking research from the University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine has established a direct connection between the adoption of electric vehicles and a decrease in respiratory-related emergency room visits, with every additional 20 EVs per 1,000 people resulting in a 3.2% reduction in asthma-related ER visits and improved air quality, highlighting the potential for EVs to address environmental justice issues, particularly in underserved communities.
  2. Preparing for the future of electric mobility, Volkswagen is set to produce a new electric SUV at its main plant in Germany.
  3. Honda’s first 100% electric SUV, the 2024 Honda Prologue, is set to launch with an expected starting price in the upper $40,000s, offering an estimated 300 miles of EPA range, various trim levels, tech-rich features including Google integration, and multiple charging packages.
  4. Rivian exceeded market expectations with its third-quarter deliveries, delivering 15,564 vehicles and remaining on track to produce 52,000 vehicles in 2023.
  5. Honda is set to provide its EV drivers with access to an extensive charging network in the U.S. through agreements with EVgo and Electrify America.
  6. In the third quarter, production exceeded 430,000 vehicles and deliveries surpassed 435,000 vehicles, with a slight sequential decline due to planned factory upgrades, while Tesla maintains its 2023 volume target of around 1.8 million vehicles.
  7. Honda recently shared details about its upcoming mini electric N-Van e, designed for business and personal use, offering around 130 miles of range, a flexible interior with a spacious cargo area, and portable power capabilities, with plans to launch it in Japan next spring.
  8. South Korea's SK On, the world's fifth-largest EV battery manufacturer, has unveiled a groundbreaking material through a collaboration with Dankook University that boasts 70% higher lithium-ion conductivity, potentially increasing battery capacity by up to 25%, improving charging speed, enhancing EV mileage, and ensuring better fire safety, with applications across various solid-state battery types, aiming for commercial release in 2028 after an estimated $352 billion investment.
  9. Following Mercedes-Benz, BMW is set to introduce Level 3 automated driving systems in Germany, allowing drivers to temporarily divert their attention from the road.
  10. Announcing its September and third-quarter 2023 delivery results, NIO reported delivering 15,641 vehicles in September, a 43.8% YoY increase, and 55,432 vehicles in the third quarter, up 75.4% YoY, with cumulative deliveries reaching 399,549 by September 30, 2023.

BMW i5 Drive


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