Honda Eyes Canada…

🏭Honda Eyes Canada…

Stellantis sales, a new VinFast facility in India, Fisker experience, New Zealand at 50%, and so much more.  

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"The harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph."

-Thomas Paine

Rivian Charger

I borrowed a family member's Rivian R1S over the weekend.  I have to say, I greatly enjoyed driving it.  I think my wife enjoyed driving it more though.  Something about the heated seats and the instant torque.  

Warning: Don’t do 0-60 mph tests with a dog in the back.  We didn't do this, but we know that it wouldn’t be good.  

I decided to throw the Rivian on a 120V outlet to see how slow it would charge.

I plugged the R1S in at 3:56pm on Sunday and checked the charged at 11:56am on Monday (I’m no math wizard, but I think that’s 20 hours).  The end result was an underwhelming 52 miles gained.  That’s 2.6 miles gained per hour.  

No fault of Rivian.  I just need a Level 2 charger.

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  1. FCA reports a substantial 124% YoY increase in total plug-in hybrid EV sales, highlighting its top spot in the U.S. PHEV market.
  2. VinFast invests $2 billion in India for electric vehicle factory expansion.
  3. Government changes spur EV surge in NZ, reaching 50% market share.
  4. Ford achieved record electric vehicle sales in Q4 2023, selling 25,937 EVs. 
  5. Honda considers a $14 billion EV plant in Canada, eyes battery production.
  6. Fisker adopts Dealer Partnership model for expanded EV sales strategy.
  7. A car-moving ship shortage raises EV shipping costs from China to Europe.
  8. Kia and Hyundai secured second place in US EV sales, outpacing legacy automakers with sales amounting to 77,914 to 78,915 units. 
  9. XPeng believes its new X9 model could be a "game changer" in the EV market. 
  10. Colorado introduces a new $2,500 tax credit for EVs priced $35,000 or less.



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