👋Ford says goodbye...

👋Ford says goodbye...

Goodbye August and hello football season.  That means it’s Fall, right?  In today’s newsletter, Colorado is offering $6k for your old gas-guzzler, Volvo’s electric minivan reveal is set for November, the 20 countries with the most electric vehicles, Mullen celebrated class 3 vehicle production with a launch event, Ford commercial customers expand charging solutions and Ford sets to retire the Escape, Edge, and Transit Connect to make room for more EVs. All that and so much more.

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Top EV/AV News Stories

  1. After introducing electric models like the XC40 Recharge, C40, EX30, and flagship EX90 SUV, Volvo is now set to launch its anticipated electric minivan, the EM90, targeting the Chinese market and emphasizing a comfortable in-car experience; although resembling the Zeekr 009, details are limited, with pre-orders starting in China on November 12th, leaving its potential availability in other countries uncertain.
  2. With an incredible range of 410 miles when coupled with the Max battery pack, Rivian's Dual-Motor R1T is positioned to excel among electric adventure vehicles, while the company continues to innovate in-house production methods and faces competition from other automakers in the race for long-range electric trucks and SUVs.
  3. Colorado is launching a vehicle exchange program offering cash incentives of up to $6,000 for lower-income residents to trade in their old gas- or diesel-powered cars for new electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles.
  4. Is VW thinking about an Electric Rabbit?
  5. Ford is discontinuing the gas-powered models of Escape, Edge, and Transit Connect to make way for its new generation of electric vehicles, including the fully electric Explorer SUV.
  6. Utilizing plastic collected from a record-breaking 55-ton haul in the Pacific Ocean by The Ocean Cleanup, Kia intends to incorporate recycled plastic into its upcoming electric vehicle models as part of its commitment to sustainability and to further its partnership with The Ocean Cleanup.
  7. Announcing its first Tunica open house event, emerging electric vehicle manufacturer Mullen showcased its Class 3 EV trucks in production at its Mississippi facility, aiming to ramp up Class 3 production to 3,000 vehicles annually per shift and potentially doubling capacity to 6,000 vehicles yearly.
  8. Ford Pro, Ford's commercial division, has introduced new charging hardware including the Series 2 AC Charging Station 80 amp and expanded DC Fast Charger options, along with charging management software, aiming to simplify EV charging for commercial vehicles.
  9. Check out the top 20 countries with the most EVs.  Can you guess who is number 1?
  10. In fiscal year 2023, 4,873 vehicles received rebates totaling $19 million from Illinois’ electric vehicle rebate program.

Ned’s Corner

It's an electric camping weekend!

I picked a state park we haven't been to yet with a beach, since going to a beach was my 4 year old's birthday wish. It was 55mi one way, and I used 37% of the Bolt's battery getting here (2.8mi/kWh). Most campgrounds have 50A outlets, so a portable L2 lets us leave fully charged.

Follow Ned for more of his EV adventures.

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