💰BMW CEO says electric vehicles…

💰BMW CEO says electric vehicles….

We got some much-needed time in the mountains this past weekend.  We had some great weather and put our e-bikes to good use with a new addition to our homemade track.  We won’t talk about college football.

Now to the news in 5 minutes or less including tax incentives for Tesla’s Model X and slashed prices for the Model S and X, the Model 3 by Tesla is getting a refresh, portable power sources from Leaf electric batteries, $15.5B towards the support of a transition to EVs by the DOE, and BMW’s EVs are as profitable as petrol and diesel cars. 

“It takes no more time to see the good side of life than it takes to see the bad.”

-Jimmy Buffett

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  1. Tesla has reduced prices on its Model S and X electric vehicles by 15 to 19 percent globally, including in the U.S., with the base Model S now starting at $74,990 and the Model X at $79,990, with the Model X now qualifying for a tax credit under the Inflation Reduction Act.
  2. CEO of BMW, Oliver Zipse announced that the company makes the same profit from its electric vehicles as from its traditional internal combustion engine vehicles.
  3. The refreshed 2024 Model 3 electric sedan has been unveiled in Europe, featuring a sleeker exterior design, upgraded interior with ambient lighting, a new steering wheel, enhanced sound insulation, additional charging pads, and a 17-speaker stereo, while the U.S. release and pricing details are yet to be announced, potentially hinting at a redesign for the Tesla Model 3's SUV counterpart, the Model Y.
  4. The BMW Vision Neue Klasse, showcased at the IAA Mobility 2023 International Motor Show in Munich, represents the next generation of BMW vehicles with a clear and elegant design, advanced digital user experience, increased use of secondary raw materials for sustainability, and an innovative Panoramic Vision system, all powered by the latest BMW eDrive technology, set to launch in 2025.
  5. Fisker has revealed details about the Fisker PEAR, an innovative and affordable electric crossover priced at $29,900, featuring a compact design with a unique Houdini trunk, a durable and spacious interior, sustainability initiatives, two battery options for estimated ranges of 180 miles or 320 miles.
  6. Older Nissan Leaf EV batteries are finding a second life as portable power sources for gadgets and emergency backup power, with Nissan collaborating with JVCKenwood Corp. and 4R Energy Corp. to create these power stations, utilizing retired EV batteries that still retain charging capacity.
  7. The U.S. Department of Energy has unveiled a $15.5 billion package of funding and loans aimed at retooling existing factories for electric vehicle production, including $2 billion in grants and up to $10 billion in loans for automotive manufacturing conversion projects, as well as a $3.5 billion investment to expand domestic battery manufacturing.
  8. Electric vehicle owners in New Hampshire will be required to pay an annual surcharge of $100 for battery-electric vehicles and $50 for plug-in hybrid vehicles starting Friday.
  9. Volkswagen reveals the new Passat Variant with a powerful aerodynamic design, high quality, and new plug-in hybrid and mild hybrid drives that offer around 100 km of electric range and fast charging.
  10. Performance Food Group, Chart Industries, and Hyzon Motors have completed a successful commercial run with a liquid hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle, showcasing its potential for long-distance, zero-emission transport and offering an economical approach to long-range zero-emission trucking.

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