📈GM, Ford, Kia, Toyota, and Hyundai report…

📈GM, Ford, Kia, Toyota, and Hyundai report…

📈GM, Ford, Kia, Toyota, and Hyundai report…

Kia shows its EV future and cars, BYD almost tops Tesla in EV sales, Rivian’s CEO sees profit potential, Tesla delivers self-driving beta, Reliance launches swappable EV batteries, Ford boosts Q3 sales with hybrids and EVs, Electrada partners with Daimler for electric buses and trucks. All that and more in 5 minutes or less. Gear up and scroll.

“To meet the climate crisis, we must put millions of new electric vehicles on America’s roads. It's time to build public charging infrastructure powered by clean energy and make it available in all parts of this country.”

-Pete Buttigieg 

Top 10ish News Stories Powered by EV.Careers 

  1. Tesla launched a rear-wheel drive Model Y with a starting price of $43,990, which can be reduced further with tax credits.
  2. During EV Day in Korea, Kia will unveil its global electric vehicle vision and strategy, featuring an expanded EV lineup with three new small to medium-sized electric models.
  3. Rivian has made remarkable strides in production and deliveries, posting record-breaking numbers, and CEO RJ Scaringe is confident that as deliveries increase and costs decrease, the company will move toward profitability.
  4. Hyundai achieved its best-ever September total and retail sales, with a 16% increase in total sales compared to September 2022, and notable sales records for various models, including the IONIQ 5.
  5. In September 2023, Toyota Motor North America reported strong sales results, with electrified vehicles accounting for 31.5% of total monthly sales (64,298 vehicles sold), and the availability of 26 electrified vehicle options across Toyota and Lexus brands, the highest among any automaker.
  6. Tesla has started delivering the Full Self-Driving beta pre-installed in vehicles, eliminating the need for post-purchase software updates and suggesting a shift toward a single-build release for its cars, potentially aligning with Elon Musk's ambitious plans for FSD v12 and full autonomy by the end of the year.
  7. Strong demand and increasing production have driven higher sales of electric vehicles for GM in Q3, including Chevrolet Bolt EV and Bolt EUV combined sales are up 125%, 3,018 Cadillac LYRIQ’s sold, and 1,167 Hummer EVs sold.
  8. Ford has seen significant growth in its electric and hybrid vehicle sales in the third quarter, with EV sales up 14.8% and hybrid sales up 41.4%, driven by strong demand for models like the Mustang Mach-E, E-Transit, and F-150 Hybrid, while also achieving gains in truck sales and commercial van sales.
  9. In September, Kia reported its best-ever sales performance, including a 127% increase in battery-electric vehicle sales, with a commitment to further promote EVs, including the launch of the 2024 Kia EV9 and participation in the Electrify Expo Miami.
  10. Participating in the PEI/NACS Trade Show, BTC POWER is set to unveil two innovative products in their AC and DC lines aimed at enhancing vehicle charging efficiency, catering to the fleet market's larger battery capacity needs and faster charging for destinations.
  11. Reliance Industries unveiled swappable and multipurpose battery storage technology for electric vehicles at a renewable energy exhibition, aiming to enable the use of a single battery for both mobility and powering household appliances while also planning battery swap stations and rooftop solar panels to recharge them as part of its $10 billion green push towards clean energy.

Ned’s Corner 

I have a hunch about Tesla adding V2L soon, but this is wild speculation. I am somewhat surprised I haven't seen this discussed, so maybe I am missing something.

The Powerwall 3 announcement a few weeks ago gave tech specs and listed the unit's power output to be 11.5kW. Suspicious... is it entirely a coincidence that the new Powerwall's bidirectional rating is 11.5kW, the exact same rating of the on-board charger (OBC) standard on all new Tesla vehicles? Now we know that Tesla has a new hardware component in there doing bidirectional power flow with the internal battery at 11.5kW. Could this suggest that Tesla developed a bidirectional 11.5kW charger/inverter for use in both the Powerwall and future vehicles for V2X? Or will this bidirectional unit only be used in the Powerwall?

Click here for more on this from Ned.


Audi vs. Tesla vs. Porsche 


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