📷New Spy Photos of the Electric…

📷New Spy Photos of the Electric…

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  1. Planning to build an electric vehicle assembly plant in Saudi Arabia, Hyundai will send semi-finished electric vehicles and parts to Saudi Arabia to be assembled under a complete knock-down scheme, aiming to serve as a production base for Hyundai's entry into the Middle Eastern eco-friendly car market.
  2. Tesla produced its 5 millionth car. 
  3. Genesis has reached the milestone of one million cumulative vehicle sales, with a portfolio of sedans, SUVs, and electric vehicles in 17 markets worldwide, supported by brand experience spaces rooted in Korean identity; furthermore, the brand is committed to electrification, carbon neutrality, and expanding its vehicle lineup and brand experience spaces to maintain its leading position in the industry.
  4. Saudi Arabia has launched a plan to utilize the 5.9 GHz bandwidth for "vehicle-to-everything" technology, aiming to advance intelligent transportation systems, enhance road safety, and provide real-time data to drivers as part of efforts to accommodate autonomous vehicles and improve quality of life in the kingdom.
  5. It took 10 years to sell a million EVs, then it only took 2 years to sell an additional million.  It’s expected that the next million will take only one year as there’s an exponential increase in EV adoption.
  6. Spy photos reveal the interior of Porsche's upcoming all-electric 718 Boxster, featuring a dual-screen layout, digital instrument cluster, and various control buttons, with initial indications of battery status and range.
  7. Vermont has surpassed 10,000 electric vehicles on its roads, with the Nissan LEAF as the most popular model, and aims to have 25% of registered vehicles powered by renewable sources by 2030.
  8. Kenyan EV startup, Roam, has introduced its new shuttle bus model called Move, with plans to increase production and charging infrastructure as Kenya promotes electric vehicle adoption amidst rising fuel prices and sustainability demands. They have already received orders for 50 buses to be delivered from February next year, offering 42- or 52-seat options with a 120-mile range, assembled locally with Chinese-sourced parts at a cost of $135,000 and aiming for a production capacity of 40 units per month.
  9. Tesla Cybertruck and Supercharger combo, marking the installation of the 50,000th Supercharger. 
  10. Electric vehicle sales in the United States have seen a rapid increase, with over 800,000 new EVs purchased, representing 5.8% of all new car sales, driven by federal incentives, lower prices, and more models available.

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