🔌BMW’s Neue Klasse:

🔌BMW’s Neue Klasse:

BMW’s Neue Klasse:

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  • Lucid investment
  • Hyundai to nearly double ultra-fast EV chargers 
  • Tesla looks ready to roll out wireless EV charging
  • Zeekr starts warming up for 5th model Zeekr Mix
  • BMW bi-directional charging

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“I’ve always been asked, ‘What is my favorite car?’ and I’ve always said, ‘The next one.’”

— Carroll Shelby

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  1. Lucid Group, Inc. has agreed with Ayar Third Investment Company to purchase $1.0 billion of convertible preferred stock through a private placement, with proceeds intended for general corporate purposes.
  2. Hyundai Motor Group plans to increase its ultra-fast electric vehicle chargers in South Korea from 286 to 500 by next year, aiming to reduce charging time to 18 minutes for its IONIQ 5 model, while also installing 3,000 ultra-fast chargers and 20,000 slow chargers by 2025.
  3. Tesla seems poised to introduce wireless EV charging, as evidenced by details found in the company's Service Manual and previous acquisitions and statements, potentially starting with the Cybertruck model.
  4. Zeekr announces its fifth model, the Zeekr Mix, aiming to redefine family mobility with its spacious design inspired by the Tiangong space station.
  5. Nissan aims to boost its vehicle sales by 1 million, launch 30 new models (including 16 electrified ones), and achieve a 30% reduction in EV production costs, all by 2030, to equalize the costs of EVs and combustion engines.
  6. Team Global Express is launching Australia’s most extensive logistics electric vehicle fleet trial in Sydney, with a $44.3 million investment and 60 new electric trucks, marking Volvo’s largest global order of Medium Duty electric trucks.
  7. BMW's upcoming Neue Klasse models set for launch in 2025 will feature bidirectional charging technology, allowing the vehicles to store electricity and function as power outlets, contributing to the energy transition and offering functions like "Vehicle to Home," "Vehicle to Grid," and "Vehicle to Load." 
  8. Wildflower has been selected by the New York City Economic Development Corporation to construct the largest publicly accessible electric vehicle charging station in the city, initially featuring 65 EV-ready charging stations and parking spaces with the capability to expand over time to accommodate electric trucks.
  9. Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun teased the price of the company's first electric vehicle, the SU7, aiming to be the best sedan under $69,328, ahead of its official launch this week.
  10. Delta Electronics PCL inaugurated its new Delta Plant 8 and R&D Center in Thailand to bolster production and development of electric vehicle power electronics products.

Neue Klasse


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