🚀Electric Mission Hyper Possible

🚀Electric Mission Hyper Possible

🚀Electric Mission Hyper Possible

We’ve got some cool stuff coming up, including an exclusive interview with a participant in the Pikes Peak Hill Climb in an EV.  More details to come.

Let’s get to it.

“You just can't beat the person who never gives up.”

– Babe Ruth

The Mission

_______ unveiled the Mission X, a new all-electric hypercar that is expected to claim the fastest road-legal vehicle around the Nürburgring Nordschleife.

  1. Porsche
  2. Tesla
  3. BMW
  4. Mercedes
  5. BYD

The answer is here.

The Top

  1. GM has announced a collaboration with Tesla to integrate the NACS in their EVs from 2025. This partnership will also grant GM customers access to Tesla Superchargers, starting in early 2024, and expand charging options through the Ultium Charge 360 initiative, including residential, work, and public charging.
  2. A new generation of electric passenger vehicles for the European market will be manufactured at the Cologne Electric Vehicle Center in Germany, a hi-tech facility that Ford has invested $2 billion in, with the goals of securing skilled German manufacturing jobs and achieving carbon neutrality.
  3. Both Lucid and Fisker have announced their plans to enter the Chinese market soon, with Lucid considering local production and Fisker aiming to open a delivery center and start delivering its Ocean electric SUV in China in early 2024.
  4. Mercedes-Benz has received certification from California state authorities for its DRIVE PILOT system, making it the first car manufacturer authorized to introduce a SAE Level 3 automated driving system in a standard-production vehicle in California. The DRIVE PILOT system will be available as an option in the US market for the 2024 Mercedes-Benz S-Class and EQS Sedan models, with deliveries expected to begin in late 2023.
  5. Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Investment has signed a $5.6 billion deal with Chinese electric car maker Human Horizons to collaborate on the development, manufacturing, and sale of vehicles.
  6. Electric vehicle maker Nio has reduced the starting prices of its models in China by 30,000 yuan ($4,200).
  7. Ferrari is set to complete its new plant in Maranello by mid-2024, which will be utilized to manufacture components for hybrid and fully electric vehicles, as the CEO, Benedetto Vigna, emphasizes the company's commitment to electric ambitions and rules out partnerships or acquisitions with other supercar brands, with the first all-electric Ferrari expected to be unveiled in late 2025.
  8. Rivian has applied to earn carbon credits for the chargers used to power its electric trucks and SUVs, including residential chargers.
  9. The used EV market in the UK has seen a significant price drop of 18.6% in May, while the overall used car market has increased by 2.8%.
  10. The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey partnered with Ohmio to demonstrate three-vehicle autonomous platooning at John F. Kennedy International Airport, showcasing closely spaced driverless shuttles.

On a Mission


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