USPS goes electric with...

🚚USPS goes electric with...

Hot topics for today include active air skirt technology from Hyundai, e-transit parcel delivery from Ford, Fisker’s business activities, China ramping up the competition, and a ton more. 

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  1. Hyundai and Kia unveil Active Air Skirt technology for aerodynamic efficiency.
  2. United States Postal Service inaugurates electrification with Ford E-Transit vans.
  3. Canoo to supply six battery-electric vehicles for the U.S. Postal Service.
  4. Fisker is expanding its dealer network, selling out its 2023 vehicles, generating cash, reducing debt, and engaging with its customers.
  5. Tesla delivered over 484,000 vehicles in Q4, reaching 1.81 million in 2023.
  6. Appotronics provided the 32-inch projection screen for Huawei's Aito M9 SUV
  7. Stellantis introduces STLA Large, a flexible BEV-native platform.
  8. Tesla aims for mass-market EV production in mid-2025 with "Redwood."
  9. Michigan secures $1.8 million to repair 172 inoperable EV chargers.
  10. Transtector releases Level 2 EV charging cables with J1772 connector.
  11. Fisker hosts a global meetup with 2,500 owners and prospective customers.
  12. Chargie achieves federal authorization for EV charging infrastructure in the U.S.

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