🚢Electric Self-Driving Cruise...

🚢Electric Self-Driving Cruise...

If you haven’t seen the Kia EV9 in person, do yourself a favor and track one down.  We got to tinker around with one this week with the kids and it is impressive.  It’s good looking, a great size, and super comfortable.  Can’t wait to drive one.  

EV/AV news in 5 minutes or less, catch up on the latest topics like the new Ray by Kia, the Texas bill that will have EV drivers paying an extra $200/yr, the Cruise expansion into Raleigh, Hertz rideshare reaching 2 million miles of EV charging, Volkswagen’s ID.7 launching in Germany, and a ton more.  Just scroll.

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  1. Kia is aiming to rejuvenate the local city car market by reintroducing an electric version of its Ray minicar, tailored for the domestic market, amid a global industry shift towards more affordable electric vehicles targeting budget-conscious drivers. The new Ray EV boasts a 210-kilometer range, a 30% performance boost, and a significantly larger battery capacity compared to its predecessor.
  2. Famous for creating the original Volkswagen Beetle-based dune buggy, Meyers Manx introduces the all-electric Neighborhood Electric Vehicle Resorter, featuring a detachable roof, standard electric air conditioning, foldable windshield, and upcoming zip-down window doors, with a starting price of $49,000 and a top speed of 25 mph to comply with neighborhood vehicle regulations.
  3. Texas electric vehicle owners
  4.  are facing a new $200 annual fee starting September 1, imposed to contribute to road construction and repairs due to the loss of gasoline tax revenue caused by electric vehicles.
  5. Autonomous vehicle company Cruise, backed by General Motors, has begun testing its electric vehicles in Raleigh as part of its initial data collection with human drivers, marking the 10th U.S. city for their testing efforts.
  6. EVCS, a major electric vehicle fast-charging network operator on the West Coast, has achieved a significant milestone in collaboration with Hertz by reaching two million miles of EV charging.
  7. Volkswagen announces the forthcoming availability of the all-electric VW ID.7 in Germany this autumn, with production starting at their Emden plant.  The Emden facility has undergone a conversion for e-mobility with an investment of over one billion Euros and will exclusively manufacture the ID.7 for European and North American markets.
  8. Northvolt, a supplier of high-quality battery cells and systems, has secured an additional $1.2 billion in funding for its European and North American expansion plans. Northvolt has raised over $9 billion in equity and debt to fulfill orders from major customers such as BMW, Fluence, Scania, Volvo Cars, and Volkswagen Group.
  9. In response to the growing demand for EV charger installations, Stellantis has partnered with AGI to provide turnkey infrastructure solutions to its U.S. dealers, aiding in their electric vehicle readiness and helping to achieve the company's goal of 50% battery-electric vehicle sales by 2030. 
  10. Solid-state batteries could halve the weight of electric vehicle battery packs while doubling energy density, enabling Honda to aim for reduced battery weight and faster charging times to improve EV range and usability.
  11. VinFast's VF 9, a full-size all-electric SUV, achieves a certified EPA range of 330 miles for the Eco trim and 291 miles for the Plus trim when fully charged, exceeding initial estimates and affirming the company's commitment to quality improvement. With an MSRP of $83,000 USD for the Eco model and $91,000 USD for the Plus model, it features a modern design by Pininfarina, up to 300 kW output, advanced driver assistance and entertainment features, and is set to be delivered to North American customers in Q4 of 2023.
  12. Lightning eMotors has celebrated a significant milestone, with its deployed commercial electric vehicle units surpassing five million real-world miles across over 600 zero-emission commercial vehicles operating at more than 80 fleet depots in North America.

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