3 New EVs!

🔌3 New EVs!

EV news in 5 minutes or less.  Tuesday’s news covers:

  • Audi and SAIC further strengthen partnership
  • Japan and ASEAN to craft auto strategy
  • Tesla markets new perks in China
  • Volkswagen kicks off high-speed EV charging network in Taiwan
  • A Cybertruck pulls a Porsche

 These stories, videos and more just below.  

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— Theodore Roosevelt

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  1. The joint development of new models on the "Advanced Digitized Platform" by Audi and SAIC will include three BEV models entering the market in 2025, reduce time-to-market by over 30%, and leverage SAIC's innovation speed to complement Audi's premium experience.
  2. The first joint strategy on automobile production and sales is in development for Japan and ASEAN, targeting completion around 2035, to address the growing prevalence of Chinese electric vehicles in Southeast Asia, with a focus on personnel training, decarbonization, mineral resource procurement, next-generation investments, and global marketing of eco-friendly vehicles.
  3. Chinese customers who order a Tesla vehicle before June 20 can receive 3,106 miles of free supercharging, limited to 140 spots, while those who replace two Goodyear tires at a Tesla service center within the next month can get 372 miles of free supercharging, and 745 miles for replacing four tires.
  4. Volkswagen and Noodoe have launched Taiwan's first 360kW DC fast charging stations, powered by Noodoe EV OS with 98% uptime.
  5. Honda will debut a Class 8 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Truck Concept at the ACT Expo, showcasing its new demonstration project aimed at future production of fuel cell-powered products for North America.
  6. ChargePoint announced support for the Megawatt Charging System in its DC fast charging lineup, capable of powering approximately 1000 homes and essential for electrifying commercial trucking, reducing emissions, and supporting future high-capacity charging needs in marine and aviation applications.
  7. Xpeng AeroHT aims to deliver its electric flying car by 2026, following its introduction of the Land Aircraft Carrier, a truck with a detachable two-seater passenger drone.
  8. As a sub-brand of Beny, EVB showcased its intelligent EV charging solutions for residential and commercial use at the Electric Vehicle Innovation Summit in the UAE.
  9. Designed to make the transition to battery-electric vehicles seamless, Navistar introduces a suite of comprehensive ownership solutions at the ACT Expo, offering a consultative process, extensive support, and proactive maintenance for its entire line of BEVs.
  10. At the 2024 Texas Auto Writers Association Auto Roundup, Kia's all-electric three-row EV9 SUV was named "Electric Vehicle of Texas" and also won top honors in the Performance SUV, Mid-size CUV, and Electric Vehicle categories.

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