ACT Expo Electric unveils:

⚡ ACT Expo Electric unveils:

Thursday’s edition of Mobility EVo is coming to your inbox live from the Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo in Las Vegas and is jam-packed.  We cover:

  • ChargeTronix introduces 480 kW Nexus Distributed Charging System
  • ZM Trucks debuted five models in the Class 4, 5, 6, and "baby8" segments with both BEV and FCEV options
  • Motiv Electric Trucks launches its fully integrated cab-chassis design
  • EV Connect partners with bp pulse 
  • Bollinger teams up with EnviroCharge
  • Award-winning Automobili Pininfarina PURA Vision design concept will make its electric European debut 
  • JLR signs deal with Fortescue for advanced EV battery intelligence technologies  

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Top ACT Expo Stories by EV.Careers

The Advanced Clean Transportation Expo is North America’s premier event for advanced commercial vehicle technology, and has been a catalyst for reducing emissions across goods movement, service industries, and passenger transportation for over a decade. The expo showcases the latest technologies and vehicles driving the shift towards low- and zero-emission transportation solutions, offering fleet operators unparalleled networking opportunities with industry leaders and access to major product debuts and announcements. 

  1. ChargeTronix introduced its 480 kW Nexus Distributed Charger, capable of charging a 300 kWh Class 6 to 8 EV in 30 to 45 minutes and up to six vehicles simultaneously, highlighting its commitment to supporting the electric truck market.
  2. ZM Trucks debuted five models in the Class 4, 5, 6, and "baby8" segments with both BEV and FCEV options, expected to be on sale before the end of 2024.
  3. Motiv Electric Trucks launched Argo, its first fully integrated cab-chassis design, expanding the variety of electric trucks and applications, supporting payloads up to 14,000 pounds and ranges up to 200 miles, with superior durability and safety features, and capturing 45% of electric step van deployments in California and 19% in the U.S. overall.
  4. Through a technical integration, the cross-fleet charging solution from bp pulse and EV Connect will offer efficiency and control to minimize energy costs and manage fleet charging operations, addressing the diverse needs of EV fleets and providing real-time insights and optimized charging schedules for fleet operators.
  5. EnviroCharge electrifies fleet with 50 Bollinger B4 chassis cabs.
  6. The Lion Electric Company unveiled the Lion8 Tractor, an all-electric Class 8 commercial truck with the highest GCWR of up to 127,000 lbs, a driving range of up to 275 miles, and a battery capacity of up to 630 kWh.
  7. Innovations such as its electric beam axle, all-solid-state batteries, and fuel cell stacks at ACT Expo 2024 are showcased by Schaeffler, demonstrating its commitment to sustainable transportation.
  8. Bendix highlighted its Global Scalable Brake Control, showcasing its compatibility with EV powertrains to enhance driver assistance systems and ensure safety.
  9. Star Charge Americas Corporation unveiled its Triton dispenser and Nova cabinet showcasing DC high-power charging systems up to 720kW.
  10. Hyundai Motor showcased its hydrogen vision and U.S. hydrogen commercial vehicle business, introducing the Class 8 XCIENT Fuel Cell electric truck, launching the HTWO Logistics partnership for zero-emission transportation, and collaborating with Plus to test Level 4 autonomous driving technology.
  11. TCI Transportation is partnering with Evolectric to integrate lightweight, scalable, and reliable electric vehicle conversions into its fleet, starting with the delivery of the first CircularEV Isuzu truck.
  12. Coulomb Solutions Inc. unveiled its compact, fully integrated Advanced Accessory Module for commercial electric vehicles, which incorporates all advanced accessory electronics, significantly reduces cabling and weight, and offers OEMs a pre-engineered, validated solution for launching new electric vehicle platforms.
  13. Zerova Technologies showcased its latest high-power DC charging systems, including the DZ480 with Adaptive Scalable Architecture, and other advanced chargers like the modular DQ series and the DS180kW.
  14. Penske Transportation Solutions and ForeFront Power have launched Penske Energy LLC to help commercial fleet operators plan, design, and implement optimized EV charging infrastructure.
  15. Electric truck company, Harbinger has secured 4,000 binding pre-orders valued at over $400 million and raised a $73 million Series A, positioning it to serve 78% of the U.S. and Canadian populations with its electric vehicle chassis and expanding its North American dealer network.

Top Other EV News Stories Powered by EV.Careers

  1. Making its first appearance at the exclusive automotive event since winning the Design Award in 2021 with the Battista hyper GT, Automobili Pininfarina unveils the PURA Vision, an electric Luxury Utility Vehicle.
  2. PepsiCo Beverages California-based electric fleet is set to more than triple with the addition of fifty Tesla Semi trucks operating from its Fresno facility and seventy-five Ford E-Transit electric vans serving across the state, supporting its pep+ sustainability goal to achieve net zero emissions by 2040.
  3. Investing in a groundbreaking collaboration with Fortescue, JLR enhances its luxury electric vehicles using the advanced battery intelligence software, Elysia, promising clients faster charging, improved reliability, and increased range, debuting on the new Range Rover Electric.
  4. Highlighting Hyundai’s full electric vehicle lineup including the IONIQ 5, IONIQ 5 N, IONIQ 6, and Kona Electric, the new campaign features vibrant visuals and choreography aimed at showcasing the benefits of switching to EVs across broadcast, social media, and content creator partnerships.
  5. Nissan has adjusted its U.S. strategy, prioritizing the rollout of five new electric vehicles, including crossover SUVs, due to stronger market demand and timing considerations for their introduction.
  6. The City of Dallas is partnering with Ford Pro to accelerate its Climate Action Plan, aiming to electrify its fleet by 2040 through a 10-year agreement for EV charging infrastructure, leveraging Ford Pro's smart software and hardware solutions to optimize fleet operations and reduce energy costs.
  7. XPENG reported $5.73 billion in cash and cash equivalents, restricted cash, short-term investments, and time deposits as of March 31, 2024, with quarterly revenues of $0.91 billion, alongside a quarterly gross margin of 12.9%, which rose by 6.7 percentage points quarter-over-quarter.
  8. Jiangxi Automobile Group announced that the luxury intelligent new energy vehicle jointly built with Huawei will be launched soon.
  9. Exicom launches the Harmony Gen 1.5 DC Fast Chargers with a focus on enhancing user experience through features like integrated ambient lighting and a cable management system, alongside high operational efficiency and a modular design supporting power outputs from 60 kW to 400 kW.

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