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We took the Lightning up to the mountains for some snowboarding last weekend.  Who coined the term “Range Anxiety”?  I prefer Range Thrill.  Let’s just say the combination of bad weather, traffic, and low range made things exciting.  We’re working on a video of the adventure.  Stay tuned.

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EV News


Infrastructure is a critical piece to the mass adoption of EVs and we often hear about challenges related to EV charging.  California wants accountability. The California Energy Commission plans to set rules on the reliability and availability of public EV charging stations and to hold charging companies accountable for charging infrastructure. 

The commission plans to open a public feedback process that will lead to a definition of station "uptime" that does not "allow excessive exclusions" of the sort that can often be used by charging networks. They will no longer rely on the networks' self-reported claims…

In other EV News
  • Lucid unveiled its electric drive unit that combines the motor, inverter, differential, and transmission, produces 469 horsepower, and weighs 70.5 lbs.
  • Based on spy shots and a customer survey, the Kia EV9 is expected to retain the boxy shape of the 2021 concept, have high performance and handling standards, and come in five different trim levels starting at around $56,000. 
  • Canoo and GCC Olayan have signed an agreement for the sale, distribution, service maintenance, and repair of Canoo vehicles in Saudi Arabia.
  • GM has shared that some versions of the 2024 Chevrolet Silverado EV RST will be able to tow up to 10,000 pounds when properly equipped, and GM is hoping to boost the towing capacity to as much as 20,000 pounds for the WT model. 
  • Nikola Corporation and IVECO announced a Letter of Intent for an order of 100 Class 8, heavy-duty Nikola Tre hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles from GP JOULE.
  • Geely is planning to invest in the London Electric Vehicle Company to turn the maker of London's black taxis into a high-volume, all-electric brand with a range of commercial and passenger vehicles.
  • Volvo is set to release its smallest and cheapest EV, the EX30, on June 15th, which will be aimed at drawing younger people into the brand and electric vehicles. The EX30 is expected to be priced under $50k and be available in Europe and Australia by the end of 2023.
  • In 2022, about 19% of all cars sold in California were zero-emission vehicles (up from 12% in 2021).  This amounted to around 40% of all ZEV sales including hybrid vehicles in the United States.
  • GS Yuasa Corporation has signed a memorandum of understanding with Honda Motor Co. that will bring the two groups together to focus on the R&D of high-capacity and high-output lithium-ion batteries, primarily for EV use.

Ned's Corner

The F150 donated about 40kWh to my Bolt last night. Perfect, now the F150 is ready for more charge testing today!

Bolt: 15% -> 75%

F150: 65.8% -> 23.7%

I used a portable 16A L2. A 32A would have gotten the Bolt to 100% by 3AM, but I used what was at hand….

About Ned

Ned is an EV professional with experience with chargers from 1 to 500kW and EVs ranging from unicycles to buses and class 8 trucks. An EV owner since 2014, he is currently a Technical Solutions Manager with Electrada. He develops and refines charging solutions for fleets using his engineering experience to drive for high uptime, reliability, and efficiency.

AV Corner

 CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, and car-safety software company Zenseact have completed a three-year project researching machine-learning models to enable self-driving cars to make better decisions faster, thus avoiding potential collisions. The goal of the collaboration was to make deep-learning techniques faster and more accurate, focusing on "computer vision" which helps the car analyze and respond to its external environment.

In other AV News

  • ZF Group has opened an R&D hub in Solihull, UK, which will focus on all aspects of future mobility, including autonomous vehicles. 
  • The central Japanese town of Eiheiji is set to be the first place in the country to adopt Level-4 self-driving autonomous vehicles in April of this year. 
  • The City of Arlington, Texas, is upgrading its RAPID on-demand, self-driving public transportation service to include more spacious and accessible vehicles.

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