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Happy Thursday. Our Colorado team saw another R1T last weekend outside of Fairplay, CO.  It’s where the R1T belongs. Our newsletter this week has highlights on BYD, BMW with a longer range, Ziggy, Ferrari, Nvidia, RoboRide, and more.

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EV News

 Netherlands company Lightyear is launching a luxury vehicle, the Lightyear 0, the first solar-powered EV on the market. The Lightyear 0 is supposed to allow the driver to travel freely for up to seven months without plugging into a charger. The vehicle has fifty-four square feet of solar panels which allows the driver to charge while driving or while parked and can provide the vehicle with 43 miles of range per day. The model plans to begin production in fall 2022 and will produce 949 vehicles initially. The price is around $250,000-263,000 euros.

In other EV News
  • Ferrari’s CEO, Benedetto Vigna, announced the plan to launch its first electric model by 2025. Vigna expects the makeup of vehicles to be 20% ICE, 40% Hybrids, and 40% fully electric.
  • The White House has developed a plan to construct a national network of 500,000 electric vehicle chargers. The DOT has outlined that the chargers will be user-friendly, dependable, accessible, and “interoperable between different charging companies.”
  • BMW is testing its iX SUV that can achieve 600 miles by enabling chemistry from Our Next Energy (ONE). The iX without the help of ONE has an estimated range of 324 miles. ONE’s battery claims to be more sustainable than standard EV batteries because the product reduces lithium and graphite used.
  • A new intelligence report from Bloomberg believes Volkswagen will surpass Tesla sales by 2024. VW already sells more EVs in Europe compared to Tesla (310,000 vs. 170,000).
  • Electric car maker BYD has reached a comfortable position in the ranks of China’s top three automakers. The company’s sales numbers doubled in May, reaching 113,768 new energy passenger cars, attracting all eyes to BYD for the rest of the year. BYD’s sales marked a year-over-year increase of 159.5%.

EV of the Week

Ever tired of driving around trying to find a parking space. Do you ever get tired of driving around to find a charging station? There’s a solution for both. An autonomous robot named Ziggy. With the app for Ziggy, you can summon Ziggy to reserve a parking space for you. Once at the parking space, Ziggy will then pull out, and allow you to park. You can then use Ziggy to charge your EV. A unique EV of the Week.  John @ Mobility EVo

  • Cameras on all four sides
  • A headlight and a tail light
  • A safety sensor band
  • Large screens on both sides
  • All-Wheel Steering

AV Corner

Hyundai Motor Group is launching a level 4 autonomous RoboRide service in Seoul’s Gangnam District. Hyundai will collaborate with Jin Mobility for RoboRide and use the Ioniq 5 for its ride-hailing service. The pilot will operate from 10 am to 4 pm Monday to Friday and can accommodate up to three passengers

In other AV News

  • Massachusetts-based company GPR has invented autonomous vehicle technology to allow vehicles to look underground to get around public roads.
  • Chinese automakers Baidu and Geely have partnered with project Jidu to encourage autonomous vehicle adoption in China.
  • Nvidia has applied for a patent to assist autonomous vehicles to detect ambulances on public roads.
  • Stellantis is using Valeo’s third-generation Scala lidar to launch SAE Level 3 autonomous driving. Multiple models will be able to utilize the technology in 2024.
  • Like in China, A.I. robotaxis may begin deployment in the United States. Momenta has begun considering partnerships with GM, Mercedes-Benz, and other American car manufacturers to deploy A.I. in the US.
  • A Pennsylvania House Committee has passed legislation to allow driverless cars in the state.


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