Electric Vehicles Take Center Stage...

Electric Vehicles Take Center Stage...

 Happy Thursday and welcome to Mobility EVo, your source for EV news in 5 minutes or less. We have news from the Japan Mobility Show, News from Michigan and Texas, and so much more.  

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-Muhammad Ali, professional boxer and activist

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Top 10ish News Stories Powered by EV.Careers


  1. Presented at the Japan Mobility Show, Toyota has revealed the FT-Se, an electric sports car concept representing one of the sports car options Toyota is exploring in the carbon-neutral era, featuring a striking design with aerodynamic elements, a yoke steering wheel, dual portrait displays, and Recaro bucket seats.
  2. Nissan introduced the Nissan Hyper Force, the culmination of a series of five "hyper" concept vehicles, featuring a high-performance all-electric supercar designed for racing enthusiasts and gamers with a strong emphasis on environmental performance and comfort for daily use.
  3. In Japan, the $13,000 Sakura minicar, developed jointly by Nissan and Mitsubishi, has become the best-selling electric car, outperforming Tesla and dominating the local EV market due to its affordability and popularity of smaller electric vehicles, known as "kei cars."
  4. Honda is showcasing a wide range of mobility products and technologies at the Japan Mobility Show, including the Honda eVTOL and HondaJet aircraft, SUSTAINA-C Concept for sustainable resources, Honda Avatar Robot, UNI-ONE mobility device, Honda CI-MEV self-driving micro-mobility vehicle, and the hybrid-electric Prelude Concept as a specialty sports model.
  5. Stellantis and Orano have formed a joint venture to recycle end-of-life electric vehicle batteries and scrap, securing materials for electrification, promoting a circular economy, and aligning with sustainability goals.
  6.   At the Japan Mobility Show 2023, Lexus unveiled multiple electric vehicle concepts, including the next-generation BEV LF-ZC scheduled for a 2026 launch, the LF-ZL BEV flagship concept, and the next-generation BEV architecture integrating advanced software and hardware for an enhanced automotive experience.
  7. Nissan also unveiled the Nissan Hyper Punk, the fourth member of its series of concept vehicles, featuring an all-electric compact crossover tailored for content creators and innovators with a focus on seamless connectivity between virtual and physical worlds, origami-styled interior elements, and a unique exterior design emphasizing self-expression and innovation.
  8. Mitsubishi unveiled the Mitsubishi D:X Concept electrified crossover MPV and introduced a prototype of the all-new Triton pickup truck at the Japan Mobility Show, aiming to combine electrification, all-wheel control, and adventure.
  9. The investment in Ampere by Mitsubishi Motors represents a significant move in the company's mid-term management plan to advance its electric vehicle development technology and expand its EV lineup, starting with Ampere supplying an EV in the European market.
  10. Denso Manufacturing Michigan Inc. has received over $1.4 million in state-backed incentives for its $63 million facility expansion in Battle Creek, aimed at supporting electric vehicle components and maintaining competitiveness while adapting to industry-wide shifts toward vehicle electrification.
  11. Nuvve and Blue Bird Corporation have replaced Martinsville Independent School District's diesel fleet with five Blue Bird Vision electric buses, making it the first Texas school district to have an all-electric school bus fleet, supported by Nuvve's V2G platform and charging infrastructure.
  12. Juice Americas Inc. is participating in the SEMA Show 2023 to showcase the J+ BOOSTER 2 portable electric vehicle charging station, designed for home garage and on-the-road charging with versatile socket compatibility, power input options, NEMA compliance, ruggedized durability, and safety features.

My Take 

Is it just me, or is it a common occurrence that either concepts never materialize into actual products, or they never quite resemble the final product? Nevertheless, I have a genuine appreciation for intriguing concepts, and the Japan Mobility Show certainly did not disappoint in that regard.

I grew up in the midst of car enthusiasts. My friends had BMW e30s, Miatas, and Mustangs, while I, on the other hand, was content with my slow and unexciting Audi 5000s. What always fascinated me about the Miata was its slowness - it moved at a pace resembling molasses, but it was an absolute blast to rev that engine to the max. It's that same spirit that I associate with Japanese sports cars. They might not be the fastest on the planet, but they deliver oodles of fun.

The wave of electric concepts emerging from Japan has me excited. From Honda's electric Prelude to Toyota's MR2-esque hybrid-electric car with carbon bucket seats, it's high time we see more electrifying sports cars. Let's keep our fingers crossed that these concepts make it to the market and that they stay true to the exciting visions they're showcasing.



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