Electrify America’s Cutting-Edge...

⚡Electrify America’s Cutting-Edge...

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  • Electrify America Facility in SF
  • Abarth 600e 
  • IONNA operations in N. America
  • New electric Chrysler

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“I try not to worry about things I can't do anything about.”

— Christopher Walken

Top EV News Stories Powered by EV.Careers 

  1. Electrify America unveils an indoor flagship EV charging station in San Francisco. The store offers a variety of EV chargers, solutions for apartment dwellers, and initiatives to electrify medium and heavy-duty vehicles.
  2. Abarth unveils its most powerful Abarth ever, the New Abarth 600e.
  3. Chrysler shares final teaser for new electrified concept car, with the reveal set for February 13.
  4. IONNA launches a high-powered EV charging network across North America.
  5. Panasonic partners with NOVONIX for sustainable graphite supply.
  6. France suspends EV lease subsidy due to overwhelming demand.
  7. BMW and Kia showcase EVs in Super Bowl 58.
  8. Tesla temporarily slashes Model Y prices by $1,000 for February.
  9. Electric vehicle sales surged globally, rising to 7.2% of the overall auto market growth.
  10. California proposes electric bike licenses for riders under 12.
  11. Duke Energy launches EV charger rental program in North Carolina with various options, including Charger Prep Credit and Home Charging Plan, reflecting the company's commitment to a customer-focused approach and its goal of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.
  12. Massachusetts earmarks $50 million for EV charging projects statewide.
  13. XCharge North America plans to construct a Battery Storage EV Charging Superhub at Watters Creek Village near Dallas, featuring over 20 ultra-fast chargers and a 3 megawatt-hour storage capacity, aligning with the community's sustainability goals and positioning Watters Creek as a leader in green transportation initiatives.
  14. Stellantis adopts SAE J3400 connector for select BEV models in North America.

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