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Happy Thursday. We have news on Porsche, BMW, Japan, BYD, Honda, a $50 Giveaway, and more.  


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EV News

Polestar has launched the new Polestar 3, but it won’t go on sale until next year. The range will be around 300 miles and can recharge from 10 to 80 percent in 30 minutes.  If you opt for the performance pack, it comes with Pirelli P-Zero tires, range optimization drive mode, and good highlights on the valve stem caps and seat belts.

In other EV News
  • Japan wants the U.S. to loosen rules around EV tax credits because the country thinks the rules put Japanese automakers at a disadvantage. America now requires the final assembly to take place in North America.
  • Porsche is launching an Electric 718 Boxster in 2025. Check out the photos here
  • A new bill in Congress, the Affordable Electric Vehicles for America Act will allow almost all EVs in the US to qualify for a $7,500 tax credit.  Will it pass?  
  • Tesla has applied to offer telecommunication services in Canada and machine-to-machine cellular data service. 
  • Honda introduced the E:N2 Concept EV at the China International Import Expo (CIIE). Honda plans to market and sell the vehicle in China. We eagerly await the details.
  • Ceer is Saudi Arabia’s first electric vehicle brand. Ceer hopes to get $150 million in investment and create up to 30,000 jobs. 
  • Ahera, reveals its electric SUV that sits low to the ground and has falcon wing doors. The vehicle will be launched in 2025. 

EV of the Week

BMW saw record Q3 sales for electric vehicle purchases with over 128,000 EVs sold and $36.3 billion in revenue.  We also saw a flood of i7 reviews this week with the luxury sedan taking center stage.  My favorite two features are the extreme reclining, rear massaging seats and the 31.3-inch fold-down screen that you can enjoy while reclined.  Jeeves, let’s go for a drive.  That’s why the BMW i7 is the EV of the Week.   

  • Base Price- $120,295
  • 539 horsepower
  • 249 lb.-ft of torque
  • 101.7 kWh battery pack
  • Peak DC Fast Charge Rate- 195 kW
  • 0-60 mph in 4.1 seconds
  • Range of 296-318 miles
  • AWD  

-John @ Mobility EVo

AV Corner

Honda will begin testing one or two-seater self-driving EVs in Japan.  The vehicle will use a special device that the driver will use to direct the car, which will mostly be used for short distances.  The automatic driving system uses high-precision maps with cameras and sensors to monitor the vehicle's location.

In other AV News

  • Israel is launching autonomous buses through Egged, Metropolin, Dan, and Nateev Express. The pilot program will begin in the next couple of months and last two years. 
  • BMW 7 Series has upgraded its self-driving technology and navigational systems. The 7 series will be capable of Level 2+ hands-free driving. 
  • Pennsylvania lawmakers have drafted a bill to modernize the vehicle code to include autonomous vehicles. Driverless testing would be allowed, and autonomous cars and trucks could use public roadways. 
  • Clevon will expand its last-mile delivery company into the United States for the first time and open its headquarters in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex at the AllianceTexas Mobility Innovation Zone. 
  • Shanghai opened its first self-driving expressways that span 21.5 km on the G1503 ring expressway and 19.5 km section on the G2 Beijing-Shanghai expressway. 

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