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Happy Thursday. Did you enjoy the Hillclimb at Pikes Peak and Goodwood this past weekend? Our Colorado team got to enjoy checking out some of the vehicles for the Pikes Peak race last week, including a stripped-down Tesla that was piloted by Blake Fuller. On Saturday, part of our team got to drive the BMW iX and BMW i4 M50 at a BMW event held at the Denver Broncos stadium. A great weekend for EVs.

This week we have news on Hyundai, an update on McMurtry, VW, May Mobility, Cruise, Einride, and more.  

Have an amazing Thursday and have an even better Fourth of July. 

EV News

 My birthday is Saturday, and all I want is a Hyundai Ioniq 6 (Dad, I know you get this newsletter every week). The Ioniq 6 is built on the same-GMP platform as the Ioniq 5 SUV with a beautiful, streamlined design hitting on notable features like wheel gap reducers and slimline digital side mirrors to achieve new heights in aerodynamics.-Holly

In other EV News
  • Mustang’s Mach-E made the top of the list of Detroit’s most popular EVs. Tesla’s Model 3 came in second place.
  • Update from last week - Congrats to Max Chilton and McMurtry for breaking the outright record at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.  Click the link for a video of the record run.
  • NIO has reached 200,000 EV deliveries
  • Speaking of lofty, impressive goals, Phoenix, Arizona wants 280,000 EVs on public roads by 2030. As of last June, there were 28,770 electric vehicles registered in the state. 
  • Another sedan unveiling this week came from Volkswagen in the form of the ID.AERO concept, its first all-electric sedan, with a hefty range of 385 miles. The new model carries a 77-kWh lithium-ion battery pack.
  • Cadillac opened up 2024 Lyriq Pre Orders after the car brand sold out of their 2023 models. GM would not share how many orders this was, but we will go with a lot. Customers can expect their 2023 models to be delivered by next spring. 
  • In other Cadillac news, if the Lyriq doesn’t do it for you, how about the $300,000 Celestiq? Less than 500 of the limited edition Celestiq will be made each year. Which one are you buying?

EV of the Week

I definitely need to work on my autocross skills. Last weekend my dad and I went to the BMW Ultimate Driving Experience EVolution in Denver and got to enjoy the iX and i4 M50. The best part was getting 6 laps around the autocross course in the i4 M50. The i4 M50 was so fast that I don’t even think I was able to give it the full beans around the course. For a heavy car, it hides it well and handles the corners quite smoothly. If you haven’t done a BMW driving event, you need to. It’s free and a great way to spend a morning, that’s why the i4 M50 is the EV of the week. 

-John @ Mobility EVO

AV Corner

To ride in Cruise’s autonomous rideshare vehicles in San Francisco, you now have to pay up. The cost of riding varies during the day but appears to be cheaper than an Uber rider. A 1.3-mile trip was around $8.72 with Cruise and was around $10.41 with Uber. I know we have some subscribers in San Francisco, send us an email if you have taken a Cruise (pun intended) and how it was. We will include it in our next newsletter! 

In other AV News

  • MIT’s research department has created the world’s first open-source photorealistic simulator for AVs. With multiple 3D LiDAR cameras, the VISTA 2.0 can navigate multiple-lane roads and complex interactive scenarios.
  • Israel’s Ministry of Defense will test an unmanned robotic combat vehicle starting in 2023. Alongside autonomous capabilities, the tank will have environment sensing capabilities, a drone, and an autonomous turret. 
  • May Mobility has been testing its autonomous vehicles in Greenwich, London. In fact, I got to visit their company while I was in London in March! Now, May Mobility and Softbank are venturing to launch their AV technology in Japan. 
  • Keep your eyes peeled for the electric Einride pod around the U.S. because Einride just got the go-ahead from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to test the company’s autonomous prototypes on public roads.
  • What do you get when you put Baidu and Waymo together? An intense, multibillion-dollar race to develop self-driving cars. or everyone. 

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