Honda Gears Up for EV Production...

⚙️Honda Gears Up for EV Production...

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  • Mercedes-Benz EQS Sedan introduces extensive updates for 2025
  • Voltpost debuts a commercial lamp post electric vehicle charging solution
  • Electric cars are driving down electricity rates
  • BYD set to dominate Australia after 'substantial' shift

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  1. The 2025 Mercedes-Benz EQS Sedan introduces upgrades including a larger 118 kWh battery for increased electric range, a refined front fascia with a new grille design, and Mercedes-Benz standing star.
  2. Go X introduces Dragon, an electric vehicle, as part of their transportation fleet in Orlando.
  3. Voltpost introduces an innovative curbside EV charging solution by retrofitting lamp posts into a modular Level 2 EV charging platform.
  4. Sigma Lithium announces the loading of a 22,000-ton shipment, securing an 85% prepayment at premium prices.
  5. The increasing adoption of electric vehicles is driving down electricity rates, with a recent study showing that EVs have helped reduce electricity costs by up to 40% in regions with high levels of EV adoption, such as California and the Pacific Northwest.
  6. BYD is poised to dominate the Australian market after experiencing a significant increase in sales, with an impressive surge in the first quarter of 2024 compared to the same period last year.
  7. In the first quarter of 2024, Mercedes-Benz USA reported a total group sales of 82,623 vehicles, showcasing a robust performance in the automotive market and EV sales mix accounted for 13% of overall sales in Q1. 
  8. Honda's progress in establishing the EV Hub in Ohio includes plans to hire 300 associates, upskilling current employees for EV production, and investing $700 million to transform plants for EV production in North America, with the Marysville Auto Plant gearing up for EV production in 2025.
  9. At the 2024 Milan Design Week, Lexus unveiled "TIME," an interactive art installation featuring 28,000 LED lights synchronized to music and sound, highlighting the brand's commitment to innovation in both design and electric vehicle technology.
  10. Ninety percent of qualifying EV buyers receive a $7,500 tax credit as an upfront payment.
  11. Elon Musk maintains an optimistic outlook despite Tesla's recent layoff of more than 10% of its global workforce, affirming, "It's not a question of whether it will happen, it's just when."
  12. Despite overall declines, the drop in average transaction prices for new vehicles, including electric vehicles, to their lowest level in nearly two years, signals increased affordability and accessibility in the EV market.
  13. VinFast, the Vietnamese automaker, announces its participation in the Montreal Electric Vehicle Show, showcasing its lineup of electric vehicles, as it aims to expand its presence in the North American market with the launch of its VF e35 electric SUV and VF e36 electric sedan.

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