How Tesla Model Y dethroned Toyota RAV4…

👑How Tesla Model Y dethroned Toyota RAV4…

Happy February.  Don’t forget to scroll and subscribe! Thursday’s edition brings you the newest on the Jeep Wagoneer S, Ford NACS access, Fiat 500e in a music video, Tesla’s Model Y tops the global sales charts and a ton more.

“What brought me into the TV business is what keeps me here and happy. You can learn something new every day if you have a really positive attitude.”

— Katie Couric

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Earlier this week, we asked what your favorite part of an EV was.  32% said it was “No more gas stations.”  Close behind was “They are Quiet” and “Environmentally Friendly”.  

Personally, I like all of these things, but I agree about no more gas stations, and then it would have to be the speed. The torque is irresistible.

Top EV News Stories Powered by EV.Careers 

  1. Tesla Model Y became the world's best-selling car with 1.2 million sold in 2023 compared to Toyota RAV4 which sold 1.07 million. 
  2. In a post on Instagram, the CEO of Ford announced that eligible owners of the Mach-E and Lightning will be getting a NACS adaptor and access to Tesla Superchargers “soon”.  
  3. VinFast joins NADA Show 2024, advancing US market expansion.
  4. The all-electric Jeep Wagoneer S. 
  5. FIAT teases the launch of an all-electric Fiat 500e music video.
  6. GM shifts strategy to include plug-in hybrids in North America.
  7. Huawei releases Top 10 Trends of Smart Charging Network 2024 with the top trend being High-Quality Development.
  8. Brite Payments partners with Northe for streamlined EV charging payments.
  9. CATL expects a net profit increase of up to 48% for 2023.
  10. The global electric vehicle motor market is projected to grow significantly to $14.49 billion from 2022 to 2027.
  11. National Car Charging secures a multi-year contract for non-networked DC fast charging infrastructure.



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