If Tesla could drive 500 miles Mobility EVo

If Tesla could drive 500 miles

Happy first Thursday of December. We have news on the Tesla Semi, Corvette, Vinfast, BYD, Baidu, Hyundai, and more.  Congrats to Samuel Jones for winning the Giveaway in November.  We’ll be in touch with more details.   

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EV News

Ford started it with the electric Mustang Mach-e.  Now, Corvette wants to launch a sub-brand in 2025, beginning with a four-door coup EV and an SUV. Don’t worry, the electric versions will still carry the “essence of Corvette''.  We eagerly await more details on these highly controversial vehicles in the Corvette community.  What do you think?

In other EV News
  • Mercedes is trying out a new subscription-based service that will give EQ owners a 1-second boost from 0-60 mph. The annual subscription will cost users $1,200 and is only available in the United States.
  • LIUX unveiled the first 3D-printed EV with 90% recycled and plant-based materials. The EVs top speed is 200 km/h. 
  • Rumor has it that BYD will begin producing sodium-ion batteries in 2023 to power their own EVs. In other BYD news, the company plans to sell vehicles in Mexico for the first time in 2023, with the goal being 30,000 EV sales in Mexico by 2024. 
  • Hyundai and LG Energy Solutions are toying with the idea of building two additional battery plants in the US. The companies aim to produce enough power for 1 million electric vehicles.
  • LG Chem plans to build a $3.2 billion EV battery plant in Clarksville, Tennessee. The facility will be the largest foreign investment in the state.
  • Tesla may integrate Dolby Atmos into its EVs. 
  • Over half (55%) of UK car companies plan to adopt battery-electric vehicles into their fleet in the next five years. The study involved asking business leaders at 34 of the UK’s top logistics companies.

EV of the Week

Elon Musk says a fully loaded Tesla Semi has driven 500 miles.  More is expected from the Tesla Semi event today thus making it our EV of the Week.  We can’t wait to see what Elon has in store for us.  

  • The battery capacity is unknown
  • Fully Loaded Weight is expected to be around 82,000 lbs.
  • 0-60 mph with a full load is around 20 seconds.
  • Per mile energy consumption is less than 2 kWh
  • Charge to 70% in less than 30 minutes
  • Save up to $200k in the first 3 years with charging vs. using diesel. 

-John @ Mobility EVo

AV Corner

The city of Seoul and 42dot have launched an autonomous bus experiment to get drivers more comfortable with self-driving vehicles.  The bus has been designed to look like a regular bus and will complete a circuit in downtown Seoul consisting of 2.1 miles and take around 20 minutes.

In other AV News

  • Tesla opens its ‘Full Self-Driving’ beta program to all Tesla owners.
  • Volkswagen wants to put self-driving commercial vehicles on the road by 2030
  • Hyundai’s Mobis self-driving cooperative robots will be demonstrated at a factory in Ulsan, South Korea. 
  • Mormedi has designed an autonomous shuttle concept that can morph between a taxi, a limousine, a truck, or a last-mile delivery droid. 
  • Japan wants to open roads to Level-4 autonomous vehicles by April 2023. 
  • Nio and Tencent have partnered to design autonomous technology.  Tencent will provide data storage and computing and model training.  
  • Baidu plans to build the world’s largest fully driverless ride-hailing service area in 2023. Baidu now says that it only takes 20 days to deploy autonomous driving tech in a new city.  

EPG and Mobility EVo

Mobility EVo is brought to you by EPG.  EPG is an electric vehicle and autonomous vehicle recruiting and staffing company.  We created Mobility EVo to bring you the latest news on the Electric Vehicle and Autonomous Vehicle industry through our newsletter.  Whether it’s Tesla, Ford, Mobileye, Cruise, Waymo, GM, Rivian, we bring it to you.  We also have some electric vehicle merch too.  Check out our EV hats, EV Shirts, EV Hoodies, etc…  We have something for everyone. 

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