Market Surge: US EVs Disprove...

📈Market Surge: US EVs Disprove...

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  • The strong, steady growth of the US Electric Auto Market
  • JLR ramps up recruitment with 250 new electrification jobs 
  • Experience Vorsprung durch Technik: the new Audi Q6 e‑tron
  • DOE invests $44 million to advance a clean, reliable electric grid
  • Ferrari boss promises ‘emotion’ won’t be lost in EV engine roar

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  1. The US electric vehicle market has demonstrated steady growth over the past few years, with an annual increase in market share from 2019 to 2023 and notable quarterly jumps, dispelling narratives of market decline and indicating a promising outlook for future growth.
  2. Jaguar Land Rover is hiring 250 electrification engineers, including 40 battery engineer roles, to support the development of its next-generation electric vehicles by 2030 under its Reimagine strategy.
  3. In the US market, Audi plans to launch the Q6 e-tron quattro and SQ6 e-tron SUV variants.
  4. The U.S. Department of Energy has allocated $34 million to eleven projects aimed at developing tools to enhance the reliability and efficiency of the electricity grid, particularly in integrating renewable energy sources like wind and solar, while also announcing a new $10 million funding opportunity to streamline the interconnection process for clean energy projects.
  5. Ferrari plans to debut its first fully electric vehicle in late 2025, alongside opening a new production site in Maranello, Italy in June.
  6. Shell plans to divest approximately 500 retail locations annually in 2024 and 2025, representing a 2.1% reduction in its retail footprint, to prioritize expanding its electric vehicle charging infrastructure, aiming to increase its number of charge points from 54,000 to 200,000 by 2030.
  7. BP's new electric-vehicle charging site, the first bp pulse branded Gigahub™ in the US located at its bp America headquarters in Houston, Texas, featuring 24 high-speed EV charge points, will be open to the public on April 2.
  8. Nio Inc. has partnered with CATL to develop long-lasting electric vehicle batteries with up to 15 years of life, nearly double the current national warranty standard.
  9. The Biden administration announced new automobile standards aiming to cut greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2032, allowing automakers to meet targets at a slower pace than proposed by the Environmental Protection Agency.
  10. Mercedes-AMG is rigorously testing its first electric vehicle architecture, the AMG.EA platform, in northern Sweden's harsh winter conditions, marking the beginning of an extensive testing program across various proving grounds, continents, and climates.
  11. Xpeng reported a smaller-than-expected quarterly loss, forecasted an increase in deliveries for the January-March period, and announced plans to launch a cheaper brand priced between $13,890 and $20,835.
  12. Nvidia is expanding its partnership with BYD to include AI training, auto manufacturing, and in-car computing.
  13. EVCS secures over $100 million in public funding to expand its EV charging network with more than 500 new DC Fast chargers across California, Oregon, and Washington, surpassing 1,200 chargers in total.
  14. The Kia EV9 has been awarded the title of World’s Best Car for 2024 by the Women’s Worldwide Car of the Year.

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