Porsche Unveils Taycan Turbo GT:

Porsche Unveils Taycan Turbo GT:

🏁Porsche Unveils Taycan Turbo GT:

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  • The most powerful series-production Porsche of all time sets record lap times at Laguna Seca
  • Rivian introduces R2, R3, and R3X built on a new midsize platform
  • Tesla’s Giga Press has led to systemic industry change
  • Easing the load: FLO’s EZLift cable system makes fast charging stress-free for all EV drivers
  • Uber’s all-electric luxury rideshare

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  1. Porsche introduces the Taycan Turbo GT and Taycan Turbo GT with Weissach package, boasting over 1,100 PS peak power, lightweight construction, aerodynamics, and improved driving dynamics, with the latter setting records as the fastest electric series-production car, set to be delivered to customers starting from spring.
  2. Rivian introduces its new midsize platform, underpinning the R2 and R3 product lines, offering a combination of performance, utility, and affordability, with R2 expected to start at $45,000 and deliveries commencing in the first half of 2026.
  3. The EV era demands high-mix, flexible-volume production, leading automakers to adopt smart factories with giga presses for super-sized aluminum castings, reducing vehicle weight, production costs, and greenhouse gas emissions, ultimately predicting EVs to be cheaper to build than internal combustion engine cars by 2027.
  4. FLO's new cable management system, EZLift, revolutionizes fast charging for EV drivers by automating cable extension and retraction, reducing strain on users, enhancing safety, and improving accessibility, debuting on the FLO Ultra fast charger.
  5. Porsche's extensive update for the 2025 model year Taycan introduces more power, greater range, quicker acceleration, and faster charging, with enhanced design differentiation for Turbo models.
  6. Uber is launching its all-electric luxury rideshare service in New York City and introducing new features, including an emissions scorecard, aimed at promoting greener choices among its customers.
  7. Automakers are rapidly expanding their electric vehicle offerings, with upcoming releases such as the Acura ZDX, Alfa Romeo Giulia EV, Audi A6 e-tron, and BMW i5 M, signaling a major shift towards electrification in the automotive industry.
  8. Rivian expands its presence in the commercial vehicle sector by partnering with Morgan Olson to develop the electric C250e step-van, leveraging Rivian's chassis technology, with potential for further collaborations and innovations in the future.
  9. Hackney Council partners with Zest to install the first of 2,500 new electric vehicle chargers across the borough, aiming to provide fair access to charging for all residents by 2026.
  10.  ChargePoint's CEO Rick Wilmer believes that the transition to EVs is inevitable, with increased charger deployment driven by economic conditions and consumer demand, especially for fast chargers in businesses seeking to attract customers.
  11. Kelley Blue Book announces the winners of the 2024 Best Resale Value Awards, recognizing electric vehicles like the Hyundai IONIQ 6 and the Rivian R1S for their projected retained value over the initial five-year ownership period.
  12. In 2023, global electric vehicle sales reached 13 million units, with Tesla leading the market share at 19.9%, closely followed by BYD at 17.1%.
  13. Volkswagen has commenced pre-sales of the new ID.7 Tourer, offering customers a spacious and versatile electric vehicle designed to meet various mobility needs.

Taycan Turbo Gt


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