🧟Rivian Vehicles Get Spooky...

🧟Rivian Vehicles Get Spooky...

Welcome to Mobility EVo, the newsletter that covers everything you need to know about the electric vehicle industry. In this issue, we’ll bring you the latest updates on Rivian, the new battery deal between Samsung SDI and Hyundai Motor, and how Toyota is making charging easier for its customers. 

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"Sometimes, you have to give up. Sometimes, knowing when to give up, when to try something else, is genius. Giving up doesn’t mean stopping. Don’t ever stop."

-Phil Knight, co-founder of Nike

My Take

The Rebelle Rally is an epic women’s off-road navigation event that spans 8 days and 2,500 kilometers across the Nevada and California desert. The participants have to rely on maps, compasses, and roadblocks, as no GPS or cell phones are allowed.

The rally features various challenges, such as map and compass tasks with different difficulty levels, and Enduro challenges that measure the accuracy and consistency of staying on route.

This year, four Rivian R1Ts and several hybrid Jeep Wrangler 4xes joined the rally. For the first time ever, a fully electric vehicle won the entire competition. The Rivian R1T was driven by Lillian Macaruso and Alexandra Anderson.

This is an amazing event for both women and EVs. It showcases the latest technology (EVs) in a setting where the usual technology (phones and GPS) is not available. Congratulations to all the women who took part in the rally, especially the winners Lillian and Alexandra.

We hope to see more EVs joining the rally in the future.

Top 10 News Stories Powered by EV.Careers

  1. JLR unveils its new $305 million Future Energy Lab, a cutting-edge electric vehicle test facility at its engineering center in Coventry, designed to accelerate the development of EVs and enhance testing capabilities for the company's upcoming pure electric luxury models.
  2. Colorado has expanded its mandate for electric vehicles, now requiring EVs to comprise 82% of dealer lots by 2032.
  3. Samsung SDI has secured a seven-year supply deal to provide prismatic batteries for Hyundai Motor's European electric vehicles, enabling Hyundai to diversify battery form factors and expand its partnership with Samsung, with the batteries to be the sixth edition of Samsung SDI's prismatic battery known as "P6," featuring high energy density and being manufactured in Hungary.
  4. Starting in 2025, Toyota will adopt the North American Charging Standard for its battery electric vehicles, offering access to over 12,000 Tesla Superchargers in North America and incorporating NACS ports into certain Toyota and Lexus BEVs.
  5. The introduction of a new line of electric vehicles under various models, including the LAND CRUISER Se, EPU, LAND HOPPER, and JUU, with unique designs and features catering to diverse user needs, and the development of advanced technology like the NEO Steer for an enhanced driving experience and accessibility brought to you by Toyota. 
  6. Backed by Renault and Dongfeng Motor, electric vehicle brand Beyonca signed a memorandum of understanding with Riyadh-based Al Faisaliah Group Holding Company to explore potential investment, and also entered into a strategic cooperation agreement with QG FZE-LLC to explore investment opportunities in the Middle East.
  7. Due to escalating costs related to the ongoing UAW strike, Stellantis has opted to cancel its scheduled participation, including displays and presentations, at SEMA (Las Vegas, Oct. 31 - Nov. 3, 2023) and the LA Auto Show (Nov. 16-26, 2023) as part of its contingency plan.
  8. In a joint venture, the Public Investment Fund will hold a 70% stake while Hyundai Motor Company will have 30%, as they plan to establish an automated vehicle manufacturing plant in Saudi Arabia with a total estimated investment exceeding $500 million, aiming to produce 50,000 vehicles annually, including internal combustion engine and electric vehicles, starting production in 2026.
  9. Recently unveiled by Stellantis are 12 renewed and electrified commercial vans for its various brands, focusing on zero-emission propulsion, safety, advanced driver assistance systems, and connectivity to provide a comprehensive solution for business and professional customers in Europe.
  10. Announcing the initiation of construction on a Georgia factory next year, Rivian also unveiled its latest retail location in Atlanta and plans to open additional sites in various states while offering potential customers the opportunity to explore and experience their electric vehicles in person, coinciding with the company's aims to produce lower-priced R2 vehicles at a $5 billion manufacturing complex near Atlanta.

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