Rivian wants more power... Mobility EVo

Rivian wants more power...

Happy Thursday. We have news on Ford, Rivian, Tesla, BYD, Honda, and more.  

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EV News 

Rivian wants more power - 50 megawatts, to be exact. Rivian has signed a power purchase agreement with Apex Energy for electricity, which will be sourced from Apex’s proposed Goose Creek Wind farm.  Along with other renewable sourcing and onsite generation, this deal will provide 75% of the power needed for the Normal, Illinois plant operation. Ahhhhhh, carbon-free energy.   

In other EV News

  • Should you buy an EV before EOY?  This article will help, but some changes will take place that may affect your decision starting January 1, 2023.
  • Volkswagen’s MEB+ to have 435 miles of range
  • About 65% of Ford dealers will sell electric vehicles, according to Ford CEO Jim Farley. Through the Model e program, dealerships will have two options to become EV certified by Ford.  Invest $500k or $1.2 million, with the latter option providing dealerships with more EV inventory.
  • Ford has produced its 150,000th Mustang Mach-E.
  • A new Tesla Model 3? A prototype was spotted in California, reportedly nicknamed the “Highland” project.
  • BYD will be selling its first passenger EV in Japan for around $32,000 - making it a cheaper vehicle than Tesla or Nissan’s EVs. 
  • DHL is buying 2,000 electric Ford E-Transits to use as delivery vans. DHL will receive the entire order by the end of 2023. 
  • Vinfast has begun building roots in the U.S. - The company announced plans earlier this year to build a factory in North Carolina. Now, the Vietnamese EV company has filed to go public in the U.S.
  • Tesla’s Semi Class 8 trucks will come with 500 miles of range and mixed reviews on efficiency. Official company documents list the trucks with “less than 2 kWh/mile,” but CEO Elon Musk recently announced the “actual” efficiency as 1.7 kWh/mile. He hopes to get it down to 1.5 kWh/mile. 
  • ADS-TEC Energy has introduced the compact battery-based charging system dubbed Chargepost.  The all-in-one charger integrates the battery, electronics and, cooling system allowing it to only take up 21.5 square feet.  Chargepost will provide 300 kW of power for one charging point and 150 kW for two charging points.

AV Corner

Jidu Automotive, backed by Baidu and Geely, released plans for its first electric autonomous vehicle, Robo-01 Lunar Edition. If you want it, sales begin in 2023. The car is expected to cost around $55,000 and boasts two lidars, 12 ultrasonic sensors, 12 high-definition cameras, and no steering wheel. Earlier this year, Jidu said the vehicle would have Level 4 capabilities. 

In other AV News

  • Kodiak is under a $50 million deal with the U.S. Army to produce self-driving vehicles for reconnaissance, surveillance, and missions under the army’s Robotic Combat Vehicle program. The partnership will last 24 months. 
  • Japan’s first autonomous vehicle subscription, Evo Auto, has been launched as a joint partnership between Eve Autonomy and Yamaha Motor.  
  • Honda set a lofty goal for itself - all the company’s vehicles will have a hands-free option by 2030. 
  • The autonomous vehicles market is expected to have a forecasted market size of around $319 Billion from 2022 to 2027.

EPG and Mobility EVo

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