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We felt our Thursday newsletter was getting a little lengthy and wanted to provide a more skimmable up-to-date newsletter.  So we’re trying something new.  

We’ll shoot out a quick newsletter on Tuesdays that will be more paired down, so you can get the latest and greatest EV news and get on with your day.

Have an awesome week.

Electric Vehicles

Price Drop?  Sure, why not?  Tesla has dropped prices across its lineup in the US and Europe.  The Model 3 RWD, has dropped from $46,990 to $43,990, while the 5-seat Model Y Long Range fell 20% from $65,990 to $52,990. This means the latter model now qualifies for the $7,500 US Federal Tax credit, resulting in a final price drop of over 30%.

The performance versions of the Model 3 ($62,990 to $53,990) and Model Y (69,990 to 56,990) also saw price cuts. The Model Y and Model 3 prices also dropped in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and, France.  Does anyone know what Elon’s next move is?

In Other EV News

  • Lucid produced 7,180 vehicles and delivered 4,369 vehicles in 2022
  • Is Wyoming looking to ban the sale of EVs?
  • Mercedes-Benz is thinking about dropping “EQ” as an EV-specific naming convention from its lineup.  
  • Renault Group and the CEA are working on future generations of V2G technologies which will be deployed by the end of the decade.
  • Check out the utilitarian Teemak  Low-Speed-Vehicle from Cenntro.
  • Over 40 EVs will be available for purchase in 2023.  Check out the list. 
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