Tesla’s Q2 Results:

Tesla’s Q2 Results:

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Tesla Sales

How many EVs did Tesla produce in Q2 2023?

  1. 348,322
  2. 275,800
  3. 522,978
  4. 479,700

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Top 10 EV/AV News Stories

  1. On July 28, the groundbreaking ceremony for North Carolina's inaugural electric vehicle factory will be held by VinFast, encompassing 1,800 acres and featuring a phase 1 capacity of 150,000 vehicles annually; this facility will not only foster a supplier ecosystem and generate numerous employment opportunities but also bolster the electric vehicle supply in North America and endorse North Carolina's green mobility strategy.
  2. Nissan has announced an agreement with Tesla to adopt the NACS from 2025 onwards, offering customers more charging choices and becoming the first Japanese automaker to support NACS, while also making NACS charging adapters available for 2024 Ariya models, and aiming to have over 40% of its U.S. vehicle sales fully electric by 2030 as part of its Ambition 2030 vision.
  3. To ensure a secure supply and promote innovation in its upcoming BEV-centric STLA vehicle platforms and STLA AI-powered software platforms, Stellantis has implemented a multifaceted semiconductor strategy. This strategy includes forming agreements with chipmakers, conducting long-term demand forecasting, and procuring critical parts. These measures are in line with Stellantis' Dare Forward 2030 strategic plan.
  4. Tata Group is expected to commit to building a battery plant in Somerset, UK, to supply electric Jaguar and Land Rover models, marking a significant win for the UK government and auto industry and securing the future of JLR's plants in the country.
  5. Due to a shortage of Ultium battery cells, General Motors has decided to temporarily halt production of certain electric vehicles, including those produced under its Brightdrop startup brand. 
  6. Despite a slow start for General Motors' electric vehicle sales, the automaker plans to build more EVs in the second half of the year, overcoming the issues referenced above.
  7. In June, new passenger car registrations in Germany grew by nearly 25% compared to the previous year, and the plug-in electric car segment also expanded, with BEVs outpacing the market while PHEVs experienced a significant drop in registrations. In total, plug-in electric car registrations reached 68,918, accounting for 24.6% of the total volume.
  8. Countries around the world, inspired by China's success as the largest EV market, are offering incentives to boost electric vehicle sales, with China leading in EV penetration rates and accounting for over half of global clean-car sales, thanks to various consumer subsidies, tax breaks, and direct government support to EV manufacturers.
  9. Tesla is reportedly partnering with Samsung to produce a new self-driving chip based on a 4-nanometer node for Tesla's upcoming Hardware 5.0 self-driving computers, which the company plans to mass-produce in the next three to four years.
  10. The inclusion of language in the FY2024 National Defense Authorization Acts supporting the Department of Defense's decision to contract with commercial technology developers for the Army's Robotic Combat Vehicle program has received praise from Kodiak Robotics.



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