Toyota Manual Transmission

Toyota is planning to introduce a feature that would enable drivers to simulate manual transmission in its future electric vehicles, according to a patent report filed by the company in May 2023 and obtained by CNN. The feature would consist of a fake clutch pedal that would communicate with the engine and create the sensation of shifting gears and downshifting, which allows drivers to use the transmission to slow down the vehicle.

The feature would not have any functional purpose, as it would not affect the performance or efficiency of the electric vehicles. It would also not cause the vehicles to stall if drivers make a mistake, but it would simulate the jolting and bucking that result from shifting into the wrong gear. The feature would be optional, and drivers could disable it at any time. Toyota has not disclosed which models will have this feature or how much it will cost, but it could be an appealing option for drivers who are nostalgic for manual transmission or who want to make their driving experience more mechanical.

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