Volkswagen’s ID.UX, Lamborghini Hybrid, Model 3 Performance...

🔮Volkswagen’s ID.UX, Lamborghini Hybrid, Model 3 Performance...

It’s Thursday!  Less than a week ago it was snowing and yesterday was hot.  Spring in Colorado.  

Tons of EV news today including:

  • The VW ID.UX electric sub-brand
  • The electrified Mercedes-Benz GELÄNDEWAGEN
  • The Tesla Model 3 Performance unleashed
  • The first Plug-in Hybrid Super SUV: Lamborghini Urus SE
  • GM earnings top forecasts

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"If somebody doesn't believe that Tesla is going to solve autonomy, I think they should not be an investor in the company. And we will. And we are."

— Elon Musk

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Top EV News Stories Powered by EV.Careers

  1. Mercedes-Benz introduces the EQG, an electrified version of the G-Class, featuring an electric powertrain with up to 10% more torque, advanced battery technology, and exclusive electric architecture while maintaining the iconic design and legendary off-road capabilities of the Gelandewagen with an acceleration of 4.6 seconds from 0 to 60 and a top speed of 112 mph. 
  2. The Tesla Model 3 Performance offers acceleration from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.1 seconds, with a top speed of 162 mph, featuring dual motor all-wheel drive, a range of up to 315 miles per charge and it starts at $40,490.
  3. Automobili Lamborghini introduces the Urus SE, the first hybrid plug-in version of its Super SUV, boasting an 800 CV hybrid powertrain, over 60 km range in electric mode, and an 80% reduction in emissions.
  4. Tesla has released its financial results for the first quarter of 2024, Tesla produced over 433,000 vehicles, delivered approximately 387,000 vehicles, and deployed 4,053 MWh of energy storage products.
  5. GM reaffirmed its expectation of achieving "positive variable profit" in its EV business in the latter half of 2024, aiming to sell around 200,000-300,000 EVs by year-end, with projected improvements in EBIT margin and contribution margin due to reduced manufacturing costs and scale effects, while leveraging the strength of its traditional gas-powered business to grow its EV segment.
  6. Tesla's stock surged in extended trading after CEO Elon Musk hinted at earlier production of new affordable EV models, demonstrating optimism amidst operational challenges.
  7. Xiaomi's new electric vehicle, the SU7 sedan, has exceeded expectations with over 70,000 orders, nearing its full-year delivery target.
  8. The International Energy Agency's latest Global EV Outlook predicts that by 2030, almost one in three cars on the roads in China and almost one in five cars in both the United States and European Union will be electric, with global electric car sales expected to reach around 17 million by the end of 2024.
  9. Volkswagen is unveiling its new ID. CODE design show car at Auto China 2024, highlighting the launch of its ID.UX electric sub-brand aimed at tapping into new customer groups in China.
  10. Mitie celebrates the milestone of welcoming its 5,000th electric vehicle, constituting two-thirds (66%) of its fleet, with the unveiling of a Volkswagen ID Buzz at its Shard headquarters.
  11. Asahi Kasei intends to invest approximately $1.3 billion to construct a battery component plant in Canada, with the primary aim of supplying Honda Motor's electric vehicle production in the country.
  12. Mullen Automotive completes the first phase of its battery line integration at its high-energy facility in Fullerton, California, capable of producing 1 GWh per year, marking a significant step towards its commitment to producing next-generation American-made EV battery packs, with plans to hire over 200 people for battery production and operational support, aiming to start production in early 2025.

Tesla and Lamborghini


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