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Happy Thursday and the first week of Spring.  Wherever you are, hopefully, the birds are chirping and the sun is shining.  This week, we have news about Maserati, a car that splits, Porsche, Bridgestone, Tractors, and more.

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EV News

Maserati is getting into the EV game and placed its EV lineup under the name ‘Folgore’.  Maserati will start with an electric GranTurismo and just this week unveiled an electric version of the Levante, dubbed the Grecale.  Maserati plans to offer its EVs starting this year and convert to electric-only sales by 2030. My favorite part?  The electric GranTurismo will come with over 1,200 horsepower.

In other EV News
  • Porsche has upgraded their goal for EV sales. The company is now planning for 80% of newly-sold vehicles to be electric in 2030. Its initial goal applied to its fleet overall, including hybrid models. 
  • iEV Motors has introduced a fully electric vehicle that can split itself down the middle to let passengers in and expand to fit a second passenger or increase cargo space.  The iEV Z is only 30 inches wide and has a range of 62 miles with a max speed of 28 mph.
  • Hyundai launched an automotive plant in Indonesia that will produce the first locally assembled EV. The plant anticipates a capacity of 150,000 vehicles per year with future plans to increase capacity to 250,000 vehicles per year.  
  • According to the Zero Emissions Transportation Association (ZETA), electric cars are now three to five times cheaper to drive in the U.S. In states like Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Nevada, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia - some EVs are 5-6 times cheaper to drive.
  • Volkswagen will invest $7.1 billion to produce battery-electric cars in North America while selling 25 new EV models to customers by 2030. By 2030, the company wants at least 55% of its fleet to be fully electric.
  • As noted last week, the first round of Lyriqs rolls off the line. 

EV of the Week

We ran into an Electra Meccanica eRoadster back at the LA Auto Show late last year.  With Spring here, I can easily see my wife and me cruising the streets on the weekend in an eRoadster and that is why this is our EV of the Week.  Based on a Porsche 356 replica platform, the all-electric cruiser will set you back around $150,000.  You can’t put a price on happiness.  -John @ Mobility EVo.

AV of the Week

Avikus plans to develop navigation systems for self-driving boats. According to Avikus, autonomous technology on ships would be able to solve labor shortages in the shipping industry and increase demand for leisure boats. With around 500,000 leisure boats built every year, Avikus believes there is strong growth potential in this sector.  Avikus has plans this year for a merchant's vessel to complete a transoceanic trip using their autonomous systems. 

In other AV News

  • Christenson Transportation becomes the third trucking partner to join Locomation to deploy the company’s autonomous vehicle technology. The plan is for around 500 trucks to be deployed out of an operating hub in Nashville, TN.
  • Nvidia has launched a new mapping program of 300,000 miles of roadway in North America for autonomous technology. Nvidia also announced the next-gen of the self-driving feature, Drive Hyperion, which is used by Mercedes, Lucid, Volvo, and more.  
  • Out of 56 car companies, Tesla was voted the ‘most trusted’ brand developing autonomous technology. According to AutoPacific’s study, 32% of consumers trust Tesla the most. 
  • Coming this fall, 14-ton John Deere autonomous tractors will be rolling off the assembly line in Waterloo, Iowa. This development has been in the works for over a decade, and now the company will be able to finally show off its progress. 
  • Bridgestone is investing in May Mobility to provide May Mobility’s autonomous vehicles with service and maintenance support at its 2,200 tire and automotive service centers, as well as its mobile service providers. Bridgestone’s digital and predictive tire-centric technologies will be integrated into the AVs and Bridgestone expects to improve its tire products through the partnership.
  • The San Francisco Marin Food Bank has delivered its 2 millionth meal through Cruise’s self-driving delivery cars.

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