🏎️Cannonball Record Attempt...

🏎️Cannonball Record Attempt...

The sun has been shining here in Colorado.  Hope it is where you are too.   

Congrats to Jonas H, you are the winner of the Rivian Merch giveaway.  We’ll be in touch via a separate email. 

Thanks for everyone’s support.  We are continuously trying to bring you the best EV/AV newsletter out there.   

Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy.

– John Denver

What’s BMW up to?

We posted an article about this over the weekend.  BMW is currently in the final stages of developing what? 

  1. The i5
  2. The i9
  3. The iM1
  4. The iZ 

Your answer is here.

Bolt Mixed Feelings

Opinions are quite divided regarding the Chevy Bolt's discontinuation, with 52.38% of people expressing disagreement with General Motors' decision. Perhaps, as more electric vehicles from GM hit the streets, this percentage will decrease. Here are some comments from the poll we conducted last week: 

  • With the introduction of the Equinox EV at $30k the Bolt still has a place at 25K.
  • The Bolt is one of the most efficient EVs on the market. I consistently get more than 5 miles per kWh with mine.
  • Part of my answer relies on them, actually producing other EV vehicles which they have yet to do. Nothing is rolling off the line for all these promised EVs. It’s a shame to get rid of the most affordable EV. 
  • Price is the key.
  • We don't all want big clumsy power-hungry vehicles to get around in. The Bolt is a great value.
  • Love my EUV launch edition.

    Bazam! Our Top 10 EV News Stories (in no particular order)

    1. The EV manufacturing industry is growing in the Commonwealth, with Rivian investing $10 million in Bullitt County, Kentucky to expand its facility and create 218 full-time jobs.
    2. GM plans to construct a $200-million EV parts factory in Auburn Hills, Michigan, on the site of the former Detroit Pistons Arena. The facility will span 1.05 million square feet for EV parts assembly and distribution, and 50,000 square feet for office space.
    3. Texas lawmakers have passed a bill requiring EV owners to pay a $200 annual fee to offset gas tax losses, but critics argue this unfairly places a greater financial burden on EV owners compared to gas-powered vehicle drivers.  
    4. Kia and Hyundai are focused on optimizing efficiency through the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems.
    5. Stellantis is working towards carbon neutrality by 2038 and showcased progress in its second CSR Report, highlighting an 11% reduction in manufacturing carbon footprint.
    6. What’s that?  Another price drop?  Yep.  Tesla dropped the price of the 7-seater variant of the Model Y by $1,000.
    7. US electric vehicle sales in Q1 2023 have more than doubled since Q1 2021 and reached 7.1% of total US auto sales, with growth in both Tesla and non-Tesla EV sales contributing to a 66% year-over-year increase in the first quarter.
    8. The University of Michigan has launched a $130 million Electric Vehicle Center to accelerate collaborative research and development, develop a skilled workforce, and establish advanced campus infrastructure for research and education, aiming to support the growing electric vehicle industry and foster a sustainable and equitable mobility future.
    9. Hyundai Motor Group and SK On are creating a $5 billion joint venture to build an EV battery cell factory in Georgia.
    10. Gah Gah Gah.  That’s right, it’s a seagull.  An $11,000 electric Seagull from BYD. 



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