💰The $25k Tesla Model 3

💰The $25k Tesla Model 3

The rain has been consistent every day, but I have no complaints about it. In Colorado, we always welcome the rain. Speaking of Colorado, if Tesla's pricing remains unchanged until July 1st, a Model 3 will be available for approximately $25,000 after tax credits (calculated as $37,830 - $7,500 - $5,000). This is truly remarkable!

Now, let's move on to the news.

"The key to success is failure."

– Michael Jordan

June 2nd

June 2nd has been designated as _________ Day.

  1. Volkswagen Bus 
  2. Tesla Record 
  3. Rivian Camping
  4. The Day after June 1 

The answer is here.

Top News

  1. Tesla's Model S Plaid with Track Pack sets a new lap record for a production EV at the Nurburgring, clocking a time of 7:25.231, surpassing previous records and intensifying the competition with automakers like Porsche, but still falling short of Elon Musk's goal of a sub-7-minute lap time.  Next time, Elon.
  2. Introducing the Topolino, an all-electric quadricycle designed for urban areas, Fiat aims to expand electric mobility, uphold sustainability, and continue the legacy of the iconic Fiat 500.
  3. The NADA reveals that franchise dealerships in the United States are projected to invest around $5.5 billion in infrastructure to support the sale of electric vehicles, with some automakers requesting investments ranging from $100,000 to $1 million for chargers and upgrades.
  4. China is considering extending tax breaks for Chinese EV makers such as Xpeng, Li Auto, and NIO, as they aim to stimulate sales in the non-luxury EV segment, amidst an overall deceleration in China's automotive market, with talks of a potential extension for over four years.
  5. PSA BDP celebrated the opening of its new EV battery logistics warehouse in Dunkirk, France, catering to the growing Auto EV cluster in the region and providing sustainable solutions for the EV industry, with plans to support the development of multiple gigafactories in the area.
  6. India's Tata Group has signed a $1.6 billion deal to build a lithium-ion cell factory, aiming to develop its own electric vehicle supply chain and contribute to the growth of the EV ecosystem in Gujarat and India.
  7. Sales of BEVs in South Africa have shown significant progress, with a doubling of sales from 138 units in the first four months of 2022 to 284 units in the same period of 2023, although BEVs still represent only 0.16% of total vehicle sales
  8. Fetch, a new car rental service in the UK, offers a "driverless vehicle" experience by remotely piloting its electric cars from a control center, allowing customers to drive the vehicles themselves while having a safety driver present; after 18 months of successful testing, Fetch aims to operate fully remotely in the future.
  9. Bengaluru-based start-up, Minus Zero, has unveiled India's first autonomous vehicle, the zPod, which uses a camera-sensor suite and AI technology to achieve Level 5 autonomy capabilities, offering a more affordable solution compared to vehicles relying on expensive sensor arrays.
  10. Jeep is developing an autonomous off-road driving system for its vehicles, aiming to enhance the experiences of both seasoned off-roaders and newcomers, allowing them to navigate tricky terrains without touching the pedals or steering wheel, with plans to reveal more about this technology in the coming months.
  11. Mary Barra, the CEO of GM, foresees the availability of autonomous cars before 2030, and she is optimistic that GM's autonomous vehicle division, Cruise, has the potential to generate annual revenue of up to $50 billion.

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